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The 1D X certainly comes across to me as a camera suited to many a photographic task. The power of the AF / FPS capabilities, together with the new allegedly 'best-quality-to-date' FF sensor make for a very versatile package.... for the pro's! Many pro's will have some serious L lenses such as long teles for sports & wildlife, big glass primes for studio work / landscapes, and a zoom or two for photojournalism - depending on their work.

The recent L (super) tele lenses & 8-14 fish eye zoom I think seem to exploit as well as balance the 1D X's quality (both in terms of image quality and build quality). I'm quite sure Canon released the 1D X strategically after the L lenses.

My experience in photography is that sports / wildlife (aka 'action') places perhaps more demand on a camera body in terms of functionality than 'still' type photography (ie landscape, studio). It appears that the 1D X's sensor might have such impressive low noise, that it will "win over" a number of pro photographers who also do some landscape / studio - and who want (or need - due to costs) a 'one body does all' package. Even if the 1D X "only" has 18MP. Not everyone (not even all pro's) 'need' more MP.

I'm not a pro photographer, but one reason I bought the 7D when it came out, is that I wanted improved AF (particularly for action - mainly moving wildlife) - while still having a capable body for landscapes. People do not look at my landscape photos and say "oh dear, it's not FF". Rather they say "What a lovely scene" (etc).

My expectation is that it will be similar with the 1D X. It will probably be the most capable Canon 'action' camera built to date (and largely for that genre) but still capable enough in terms of resolution MP and boasting very good ISO performance for other genres. The 1D X is not a camera I plan to get (mainly due to price and size). While I can actually 'afford' it - I'd rather spend such amounts of money on needy causes in the world, or for other not photographic purposes. I also prefer a more 'travel friendly sized' DSLR. I expect there will be lots of happy 1D X owners in the future. I look forward to seeing what it is capable of via reviews, and possibly trying it out in-store or if I have any friends that might buy it.


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