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Bear in mind that unhappy users tend to be more vocal on the internet than happy users, giving the impression that it is a huge issue. Most people that are not having problems only reply to topics criticizing the camera, and even then it is only a small percent that bother responding to those topics. I'm sure that there are some cameras that have problems as many complain (and I'm not diminishing that by any means), but I would venture to say that it is a smaller percentage than those without issues. Lots of complaints are in regard to features that are missing from the DRebel. While it may be a legitimate complaint, it's similar to complaining that your economy car is missing heated leather seats.

BTW, I haven't had any problems with any of the issues you cited. I don't take pictures of rulers trying to figure out the focusing issues that many did on another forum, don't know what an Err99 error is (although I do recall a thread about it), and haven't heard of the loose hot shoe issue. I will be upgrading from the DRebel because the exposure metering and manual controls are limiting for the type of photography that I enjoy. It's a point that I should have explored prior to purchase, but didn't.

Canon is a viable and well respected manufacturer in the industry. I seriously doubt that they would risk losing their market share for the sake of flooding the market with shoddy workmanship. They've been in the camera business far too long to need to resort to that, IMO.
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Originally Posted by M-O
Originally Posted by tomc73
BTW, all the fuss about not being able to select metering is nonsense.
Nonsense? How about centerweighted metering in Av or Tv modes? Or partial metering in the Manual mode?

And although we can use AE lock to switch from the Evaluative to Partial metering in some creative zones, it's, probably, not the most convenient way.
OK, "nonsense" was a poor choice. I should have written something like "excessively criticized." Why would one prefer center-weighted metering over 35-zone evaluative or partial? I used Nikon film cameras with 60/40 center-weighted metering, such as the F2AS, FM2, and FE2, for years, and I'd much prefer to toggle between evaluative and partial measurements. I find the AE lock button to be exceptionally convenient for doing so. I shoot only in the creative zones. Would many people shooting in the PIC modes (excepting those using sports mode as an AF work-around) want to worry about selecting a metering pattern?
However, I concede that the user should have as many options as possible, to accommodate personal preferences. And, you do make a valid point about the lack of partial metering in manual mode. That's a bit odd.
I also wish the DR allowed direct, onboard flash exposure compensation. However, there are several work-arounds for this limitation. For example, one can use the AE lock button to fire a pre-flash and measure a selected area; or, one can use a non-TTL auto flash and intentionally over or under-expose using the flash's sensor, rather than the camera's. There are at least two other ways of influencing flash exposures. In response to another post of yours, I don't see any underexposure with the 420EX flash and the DRebel in normal situations.
I am not claiming this camera is perfect, nor am I trying to justify a personal purchasing decision. However, I believe the minor limitations of the DRebel have not limited my shooting in any practical way. I'm still very pleased with it. I should note that I am comparing it with quality film cameras (Canon and Nikon) I have used in the past, and with my current prosumer digicams, and not against the 10D or 1D, which I really can't afford. In my personal paradigm, I believe I am much better off now than before, with an affordable, high-quality product that leaves funds available for good lenses, flashes, and accessories. The nice thing is that each person is free to make his/her own decision.
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