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Default 7D auto focus

Originally Posted by mas360 View Post
If you are to use only one lens, will you stick with the 15-85mm USM IS ?

The 7D supposedly has 19-point auto focus. How does this multi-point focus system work?
Hi mas360

Yes, if I only use one lens... I nearly always choose the 15-85mm. It is such a practical lens (focal length) with good image quality, and covering wide (good for landscapes) to medium telephoto (good for portrait, some 'not so close' macros, etc)

Of course there are occasions / days / events where I go out that demands a 'specialist' lens - such as a true macro (1:1), or ultra wide, or zoom (for birds, etc) or 'fast' lens (low light).

About the 7D's autofocus, it is good... very good. A huge step up from the Canon entry level and Rebels, and a very big step up from the XXD cameras (eg 60D). For more information on that, or how to use - refer to the 7D manual, or look at these articles:



Many people have not learned how to properly use the 7D's 19 pt autofocus system. However I've managed to capture very good images with it, even in challenging situations!

Just one example is attached of a bird in flight (camera 7D, lens 70-300mm L)
Attached Images
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Default 5D2 owner

Hi , just thought I would mention for those interested , I own two 5D2s and I always use centre spot focussing as I prefer to choose my own focussing point. I have NEVER had a failed shot from the 5D2s , and always give the camera a decent area of focus to lock on. The ONLY time its struggles is in near complete darkness... Hence for me the only reason to prefer the 7Ds Autofocus is for sports or wildlife , and then you are sacrificing ISO performance as the 7D drops massively at ISo800 and the 5D2 leaves it standing. For me the 7D is a one trick pony whereas the 5D2 can turn its hand to many things if used correctly so it is down to budget and having a very good idea where your going with your photography.

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Yes, I understand what you mean, when you write about the 5DmkII's robustness of 'centre spot focus'. Having used both a classic 5D and 5DmkII, I can attest that their centre AF point was adequate for static situations.

However what really annoyed me was that when using the 5D / 5DmkII for photography which had a small depth of field, and wanting to compose off centre (eg along the third lines) - is that the 'focus / recompose' opens itself up for all sorts of focus issues.

That's one reason why I like the 7D's autofocus (AF) system. Not only the layout of its 19AF points (which allow you to compose a shot using AF points MUCH closer to the edges of the frame - because the AF points are much wider in the composition), but ALSO that EVERY AF point is cross type and highly reliable!

True - the 7D image quality particularly at higher ISOs does not reach the standard set by the 5DmkII. That's a shame, but thankfully most of my critical photos are not taken above ISO400. Hopefully the 7DmkII will have improved high ISO image quality.

I'd like to hear how you get around using the centre AF spot only when there are photos with a very narrow depth of field, and the 'focus point' isn't in the centre of the image.


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Depends what you want them for, for my use the 5d2's are working out well!
And from what I am being led to understand they have not been discontinued but supposedly will continue to be sold alongside the new 5d3.

The 7d is also now getting quite old, I would not be surprised to see a new mkii version released that is digic5 based.
The current 7d also works very well and it is very fast, it just doesn't handle high ISO as well as the 5dmkii.

I would pick up either one of them, if I found them at a good price.
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