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Default 600D vs 60D for first dSLR

Hello all, finally getting serious about getting a dSLR. Had been debating for years but stuck with the compact superzooms. I am familiar with the basics of SLR's, its been years but took photography class in HS with full manualfilm body, also used dads film rebel quite a lot. My current cam is an S5 IS which I am pretty good with I think, never shot in auto once, atleast use program mode, sometimes Av or M. I adjust pretty much everything available on it (exposure, wb, metering, etc) and use add on filters and such. Havent really ever used a modern dSLR though, but I think I'll be able to work it after learning it ok.

A couple reasons for sticking with the superzooms were the movie ability and articulated screen. Now finally some dSLRs have them. I'm debating between the T3i and 60D, price difference isnt much, and I am leaning towards getting the best one I can afford and I usually keep my stuff for a while (hence my S5 IS being my most current camera).

Then again, I'd rather put the money into better glass instead of the body, but the difference between the two isnt that much $.

Reading reviews many seem to hit on a few differences, and I've tried to tally up all the differences into a complete list. If I have made an error please let me know, or if I have missed any. D60 advantages are:

-a lot more battery life
-9 cross type AF sensors
-extra top lcd
-better weather sealing
-faster shutter speed
-more viewfinder coverage, pentaprism vs pentamirror
-faster 1/250 sync
-in cam raw editing
-faster burst speed and higher number of burst pictures
-100% lcd coverage
-electronic level
-more custom function
-better ergonomics & weight though to me weight isnt a positive (atleast during hiking)

Most of these are minor but together that seems to be a pretty big list. thoughts? BTW I am planning on getting a refurb from the canon loyalty program so the cost will be a lot less than retail.
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The 600D is a fine camera- and you've listed the advantages of the 60D.
The question is- are those advantages significant to your needs/requirements and to what you're likely to be shooting...?
Foe example,if one was a rambler- merely taking landscape photo's,there would be little advantage of the 60D- never mind the extra weight.(there again,bouncing around in a rucksack might favour the more robust 60D...!)
However,one who would be likely to participate in various genre's of photography might appreciate the advantages of the 60D.
Given that you can get either for little financial difference- it really comes down to YOUR needs....
I'd personally go for the 60D,simply because even though you might not require the advantages at this time- you may in the future....
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I would say the same the 600d/t3i is a fine camera and so is the 550d/t2i just to throw that into the mix. you could get that 550d and money saved goes towards another lens. so all that said the 60d does have the better body but do read the warnings about getting cameras wet.
i would go and try both out
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Thanks Simon and Wave. I discounted the 550d since the articulated screen was a requirement. I had been shooting using articulated screens since the canon S1 IS came out nearly 10 years ago. Infact a few days ago perusing canons refurb site and saw the 5DMII in stock for the first time I gave it SERIOUS thought, but the articulated screen was a big negative.

Simon, I dont have any particular shooting style, but I can say some of the things I shoot more often. You mention landscapes, and thats probably the biggest for me, taking the camera into the mountains. Second would be wildlife, I am an avid hunter but shoot more things with the camera than anything else. After that, family get togethers, vacations, insect macros, lightning, fish in my aquarium (avatar, lol) these are all things I have been using my S5 IS for the last few years.

I know the differences are minor, and some I dont fully understand since I'm not that familiar with them. Battery life is a big advantage, but then again just carrying an extra spare serves the same purpose, but perhaps the weight advantage would be of the larger cell and also less hassle swapping batteries in the middle of something. Weather sealing would be important, especially on trips into the mountains (though I have to wonder how weather sealed it could really be). Faster frame rate would be handy for shooting my son doing activites, or to catch that bird just right, or the whale breeching. The electronic level would be appreciated too, I often find my pictures not perfectly level. But perhaps the focusing differences are one of the bigger advantages, I've not experienced either camera personally but from cameras I have used I know getting it to focus the way I want is often difficult and troublesome and causes some lost opportunities. But I wouldnt say any of these are a deal breaker for the T3i.

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i have a rebel and the 60D. The t3i/600D is a rebel, is great for general photography, okay for mild action. Much better travel camera because it is a more compact setup. But this is a camera aimed at the entry level consumer. And it is very well suite for this roll. Canon is the class leader in this segment.

The 60D is an intermediate camera. For someone that wants better action shooting ability without spending the money for a 7D. The 60D the higher fps and better AF system. That is much better for focus tracking a subject with an off center AF point. If you are going to shoot more action, it is worth stepping up to a 60D. And the much larger buffer allows for about 50 shots in burst mode before buffer lag in Large Jpeg. The 600D is only good for about a 12-14 before the lag happens.

The battery on the 60D has allot of leg, especially if you get a quality aftermarket better with high capacity from japanese companies like wasabi power and couple of other. This allow it to shoot allot more HD video. And for action shooting it will support allot more bursting. But the rebels battery pack is pretty good for most photography need. It can shoot about 400 photos on 1 charge.
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