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NHL, I was using center point AF and the red dot by the cell phone was lit indicating it thought it was in focus. I have several other photos with the same incorrect focus. That is why returned it for a full refund.

Tuanokc, I did say that small aperture equals large depth of field. I also said that the eye doctor dialates your eyes (opens up the aperture.) He does that to get a small depth of field so he can tell how well your eyes actually focus. Simple.

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Holy s**t

Did I touch on a nerve.....? Seems like it to me.....! Let me get one thing straight - I think this camera is a great camera. I am not trying to "Jam on Canon". I have extensively used Canon equipment for the last 10 years both at work and for personal use and have always been very happy with their products. I thought i had a small problem with my 300D (nothing i was that bothered about) and wanted to ask someone's opinion. Thats why I asked here. I have been using slr cameras sinece i was a kid, olympus om10, om1's, nikon f60, canon eos50e and now my 300d so i have knowledge of the technicalities of what an aperature is and how it affects depth of field. When one thinks they have a problem with their camera they dont just give it back to their retailer/manufacturer do they....? At least with digital you are have the oppurtunity to test your camera to see if you have a problem. Then i'll ask someone else's opinion - hence posting on this forum. From this feedback i can decide whether i have a defective piece of equipment or not...! I thought thats what forums where for....?
Anyway i did more TESTS at the weekend and found that the lens/camera/user us front focusing sometimes and backfocusing sometimes....! Maybe i am looking to close...!

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Oh yeah...

NHL what you are saying makes a lot of sence to me. I will have a go at that tonight. That may have been my problem....! unclewillie's problem was way more off than what i have...!


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IMO after paying $1000 for a camera and thousands more for the lenses, most folks expect their outfit to perform flawlessly at least 1000 times better (and I can understand why) than their P/S...

The truth is no matter how good (or expensive) a camera is there's always circumstances where a camera will not meet their owner expectation both in AF or in metering. The AF markers in the 10D add further to the confusion:
1. If one examines it carefully, the four corners of the red marker are totally useless since there's no active AF sensors area behind them!
2. As with the 1st illustration, if one tries to center the red marker on an area with no detail or contrast, the outside areas of the red marker is used instead resulting in either front focus (bottom of the AF active element), or rear focus (top of the AF active element).
3. Not all pictures are 100%, yes even after thousands $$$$... I get a few bad one too (both with AF and metering/flash), but I usually try to understand what went wrong first.
4. Regardless of how good a manufacturer try to QC their products, there's always a possibility of field failures... and that's why they invented statistics, warranty, and return policy.
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I don't understand why Canon did not put the actual AF sensor sizes in the viewfinder. It can explain a lot of 'front' or 'back' focus issues people see.

Is is possible to have the true markers added to my viewfinder? Someone with a steady hand available? :-)

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