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Default I need a small favor from a few 60D owners

Hi folks, I have a problem with my new 60D that I need to find out if it's a design flaw or a flaw with my particular unit, since I have until tomorrow to send it back to B&H.

I've had it for a week, and in the footage I took I noticed that sometimes there would be a skip, which upon loading the footage in Edius, I noticed it's always a 3 frame skip, meaning that at certain points there would be a new frame and the next 3 frames would be exactly like the first, and then it would jump to a new frame that was 3 frames ahead in real time. Sorry if I can't find a more technical and clear way to explain it.

At first I thought it would be the card, so I tried different cards, but today I got to the root of the problem. It has nothing to do with the card, since I would see this happening on the camera's monitor as I was shooting. So today I did a test without any card on the camera, setting the power off to never, and walking around watching the monitor. At one point I came out of the garage into the daylight, and that's when I saw what the problem is. When the camera is in automatic exposure (which is the first menu item) and you move the camera between from area that is too bright to another that is in shadows, it does this 3 frame skip, and actually today for the first time I could hear this little noise coming from inside the camera, as if it was adjusting something in the sensor, or the mirror, or who knows what. This, by the way, was with manual focus the whole time.

I could easily repeat this by rotating on my own feet and pointing the camera forward close to my face, so when it would go from the daylight to inside the garage I could hear that click and then see that 3 frame skip. I ended up kinda dizzy but I found the problem.

So this seems to me like a design flaw, but I was wondering if a few of you could be so nice to take your 60D, set movie exposure to auto and watch the monitor very closely while you point the camera between different areas that are very different in the amount of light they have, moving it from dark to bright and viceversa, and let me know if you see that skip and if you hear that click. That way I know for sure if it's a design flaw or a flaw with my unit and decide whether to return it or not.


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I've had mine for over a year now and haven't experienced this at all.

I'd say, if you can return it and get a replacement with a new one, do that. The camera shouldn't be making any noises that aren't normal.
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Originally Posted by Shutterbug74 View Post
I've had mine for over a year now and haven't experienced this at all.
Have you used it with automatic exposure? That's the only way you would notice it, if you move from a bright to a dark area.
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