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Default Mirror fell off 5d

The mirror fell of my 5d1, this is a known problem and Canon issued a service bulletin claiming they will fix it for free. Mine seems to be an exception, it has over 100k shutter activations, Canon won't fix it unless they replace the whole shutter assembly along with any other problems they might find. This could result in a very large bill. A local camera shop will reattach the mirror for about $100.

Anyone know of instructions for fixing it yourself?

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Ouch, that is a annoying.
Don't have any instructions for doing it yourself, but 100k was the rated service life for the original 5d shutter mechanism. Probably why Canon wants to do a major service on the body.
That and they want your $.

The mk-ii was upped to a service life of 150K actuations
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Originally Posted by philby View Post
Any know of a instructions for fixing your self?
I would only do that as a last resort. Any error in the mirror position
or angle will screw up the AF.

Keep yelling at Canon until they agree to fix it.

"We will repair and reinforce the mirror portion of the affected products free of charge. If you own one of the affected products, please contact our Customer Support Center."



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As corkpix says- keep yelling...!!
If Canon have agreed to remedy problems with regards the mirror dropping off,then they should honour that- even if your shutter has 300,000 activations..!!
If your shutter fails in a months time after the repair- well then that's your problem- and if Canon make that clear- I don't see their problem.
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I think my best choice is to have it fixed by the third party and get a new camera. The 5d was a great camera. Canon having strings attached for the "free mirror fix" is disappointing.
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Default 5d mirror fix - UHU

Hi everyone,

I had this same problem and Canon Canada wanted to charge me. I tried a few different adhesives and the one that worked for me was the UHU All Purpose Adhesive Super. Just make sure to clean the surfaces off and give the adhesive time to work. I left mine overnight. You only need to put a few small dabs on the mirror. I've put at least 2,000 shots after doing this fix. Psychologically I'm still a bit worried but I enjoy using my 5D. I have the 5Dm2 and other cameras for any photo gigs but I still like enjoy using the 5D. Since my fix I haven't noticed any untoward effects. I hope my experience helps.
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The distance from the lens to the image sensor needs to be the same as the distance from the lens to the focusing screen. If you use too much adhesive, the distance fromt eh lens ot the focusing screen will be too short. If you use more adhesive on one side than on the other, then the focus on one side will be different from the other.

Note that none of this will have any effect on the AF since the AF system doesn't use that mirror.

If I liked a camera, and I'd used it enough that other things are likely to start failing, then I'd send it in for a complete overhaul.
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