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BRD911 Feb 8, 2004 6:17 AM

Canon - where is your '1/2 DSLR' digital with OIS/35-300?
Can any one tell me if Canon are likely to release a camera to compete with and Pana's OIS FZ10, Nikon 5700, & Oly 750UZ ?

I am close to a purchase of the Pana FZ10 at $US490... but I would really prefer a Canon to replace my current T70 film camera.

I would prefer a fixed lens camera for a change as I dont really need a DSLR to print or publish my shots... I just want bright sharp photos like I see from the S30, G2 &G3 with a bit more zoom thrown in, but without the camera bag of lenses.

I like the Nikon 5700 now reducing in price to $499, but the FZ10's 2.8 leica lens & OIS has benefits for indoor shots without flash. Its not pocket, but its a 1/2 DSLR in some ways as I see it.

So can anyone tell me what Canon has in the pipeline for 2004? And when?


ohenry Feb 8, 2004 8:56 AM

The PMA is next week. Maybe some announcements will be forthcoming.

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