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Default Is the Canon 10d too heavy? Your opinion -

If you are a Canon 10D owner/user, I would like your opinion for my peculier problem. I am an airline pilot and currently use a Nikon Coolpix 880 - 'bout 3 years old with only a 3x optical zoom. I am willing to spend the money for a "grow into" system and have decided the Canon 10d is the one. HOWEVER..... one of my principal uses for the camera is to take airborne photos while flying ..... if you have ever seen San Diego from 5,000 ft in the big turn back to the North, or the LA basin on a clear day ... well you get the idea. Here's the rub: my coolpix is small and compact but lacks the optical zoom. In the airline business one must be compact and light - dragging heavy bags thru airports, on and off hotel vans..onto shuttle buses for the employee parking lot is the worst part of the job! So picture hauling your Canon 10D around for 2 to 5 days at a time. It has to go into an already existing bag. If I had a "universal" lens, i.e. 28-200 - would that be too big and bulky? Should I just be content with a point & shoot like the new 7x optical Canon has announced at the Feb. photo show? I am only an amateur photog and I might buy the 10D anyway - but would I eventually get tired of lugging it around if it were my principal "airline" camera. I have about a year and a half before they make me retire and there are only so many times I'm going to see the Rockies and downtown Chicago on clear days, so I need to make my decision soon. Since you can't find a 10D in a store, it's impossible to gauge the weight/bulk with a "big" zoom lens attached. If you have experience with the 10D, please give me your opinion. :!: Maybe the 10D is not the right camera? Please feel to send me your opinion as well to my email: [email protected] Thanks everybody Airbus Mike[/quote]
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Ok, the truth about the 10D...

It's nice. It takes excellent photos with a good lens on it, and yes, it 's big, heavy, and bulky. Each person is different in how much they consider "too much" to carry around, though. I own a 10D and basically just use two lenses, the Canon 50mm Macro lens, and the Canon 28-135 lens with image stabilization. Great lenses, and the I.S. one is good for when you can't be rock-steady when holding the camera. Again however, all that gear is heavy, and there are times when I find myself not taking my 10D along with me on more casual trips due to the bulk/weight. Instead my "backup" cameras are a Sony 707 and Minolta G500.

The Canon Pro 1 looks promising. It's got that L-series built-in lens and 8 megapixels which together should do well. I've only seen a couple of sample images from one but they look promising. If I had the money to spend right now, I'd be tempted to ditch my Sony 707 and buy one for myself. Once they come out, and Steve and the other reviewers get them, take a look at the images and if they stand up to your quality expectations, you may wish to consider this model. It will have the zoom you want, be smaller and lighter than a 10D setup, and still (should) offer good image quality.

I won't be getting one as the makers don't send me cameras to review on my site (I'm small potatos), but keep an eye on Steves and also at www.dcresource.com, as he just announced he got a Pro1 and a review is coming.

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For what you are wanting it for I would recommend something like the Fujifilm Finepix S5000 or maybe the Minolta Z1 or Z2. They have the big zoom lens in a small package and even more important you can hold them and zoom using one hand (the other to fly the plane).

I can well imagine getting tired of lugging the 10D around in your shoes, but someone that is a leisure traveler that can set their own schedule probably would not mind as much.

If you have the money get one of the small 10x or 12x models and get the 10D for fun when you can enjoy it.
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