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Old Mar 3, 2004, 9:40 PM   #1
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Default Canon 10d VS. Digital Rebel?

I've pretty much narrowed it down to these two.
This is a tough decision though. I would really like to hear from people that have these cameras.
I've allready seen the comparrison that steve has up, but i really wanted to hear from people that have them, I've heard about the 10d having a focusing problem?
On another site that i frequent I see peoples pics with 10d and they are amazing. Is the price difference between the two worth it??
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Old Mar 4, 2004, 4:58 AM   #2
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If you can afford it go for the 10d. I havent used the rebel but I did read many write ups and always like to get the best I can afford. I have had no problem with focusing. Try before you buy, check it out with the zoom feature on the playback! All these photos were taken with the 10d, only one was sharpened post processing.


If you do get it, you can always whack up the sharpness in the camera on one of the adjustable settings.

Good luck and have fun whichever you decide.
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Old Mar 4, 2004, 2:17 PM   #3
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THanks for your reply!
Im leaning towards the 10d. What a tough decision lol.
Your pictures are great!!!! WOW!
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Old Mar 4, 2004, 4:51 PM   #4
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I'm leaning toward the 10D because
1. better AF and metering modes
2. higher ISO
3. better white balance
4. custom functions
5. It's not plastic
If those sound like things you need it is worth the extra $600
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Old Mar 4, 2004, 5:14 PM   #5
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I'm not sure I'd give the AF superiority to the 10D.

There are reason's to buy the 10D over the D-Rebel- the custom functions and ability to manually set metering patterns and AF modes are good reasons, but even though it feels better there's plenty of plastic in a 10D. If you don't believe that, get ahold of a Canon 1V or 1Ds or Nikon F5. The Digital Rebel has an incredibly good ability to record shots at ISO 800 that are very clean, and even ISO 1600 is useable.

AF speed and accuracy is even if not in the D-Rebels favor, and while White Balance is very well handled by both, it's better with EITHER if you set it yourself.

You have to ask yourself whether the extra $600 is better spent on a camera or lens (that will long outlast a 10D or D-Rebel). I'll take my D-Rebel and 17-40 F4L over a 10D and lesser lens. Of course, if you have the $$ to get everything I would go for it, too!
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Old Mar 4, 2004, 6:54 PM   #6
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I like my DRebel. There are a few features it doesn't have that I wish it did, but I am quite able to take pictures without those features. I'm sure that I'd be happy with a 10D as well. I'd be REAL happy with a 1Ds
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Old Mar 6, 2004, 6:28 PM   #7
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I just went through this very process over the last 2 weeks. Keep in mind that I'm an amateur enthusiast (last time I got paid for a gig was... um, never mind. ) and so my needs are not everyone's.

I do a lot of snaphot photography at home and public/private gatherings. I also take pictures for my daughter's band to display on their website. I'm also called upon to do the occasional bit of macro work for eBay auctions and such. All-round stuff with very different requirements.

I used a film SLR for 25 years before buying my first digicam, and knew immediately that I'd be buying a digital SLR as soon as I could afford one, because all the standard limitations of the rangefinder dcam were slowly driving me crazy.

Bottom line: I have to pay for my own hardware and can't expect to amortize it via business deductions, so spending the extra $500 for a 10D was simply a matter of "can I live without the extra features?" I don't haul my gear around enough to worry about wear/tear or the usual load of special environments that real pros have to deal with. I can live with plastic.

That said, if I can't get a shot due to shutter lag, flash recharge, focus problems, or unacceptable sensitivity, I'm just wasting my time. I looked at these factors carefully, and decided that the 300D was going to be adequate for my needs. I tried both in the camera store and really (really!!!) liked the 10D, but the features added were not worth the money for my applications. I used the difference to buy a couple of really nice 3rd party AF lenses, and now have fl coverage to meet all my requirements with glass that's fast enough. I'd like to put in a brief plug for Roberts Photo here in Indianapolis; they matched online prices and worked with me to get a kit together that met my needs rather than their profit margins. They seem to have a clue.

The aftermath? I haven't wrung the 300D out completely yet, but it's been every bit as much of a joy to use as my venerable Minolta film SLR was in its heyday. Responsive, not too heavy, and FUN. The pleasure has returned to photography, and with the advantages of digital to boot. The metering and autofocus differences have become non-issues after I accustomed myself to the controls, and I haven't yet ventured up to ASA 1600 to see if the noise is unacceptable, let alone 3200. For me, this camera hit the sweet spot. If someone hands me a bag of cash next year, I would definitely consider buying a 10D (or whatever its successor is) and keeping both bodies with me. But till then, I'm a happy camper.
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Old Mar 7, 2004, 7:30 PM   #8
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I was compairing the two as well.

Though the dRebel would suit my needs.

The plastic body makes it weigh in a little less (good for my hikes)
I don't have an extra $500-600 + money for the lenses (so the drebel kit is a nice price)

I liked the quality of the images I've taken with the drebel at various camera stores I've been too.

and the drebel is a little better than my canon a60
Sure if I had the money I'd get the 10d but I dont so I wont
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Old Mar 8, 2004, 2:22 AM   #9
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Well As much as I thought I was sure about getting the 10d, I decided to get the digital rebel. I just placed my order tonight and should have it no later then the 15th.
I figured with the extra $500 - $600 that I saved, I can purchase some good lenses! Now Im gona be bugging yah on which lenses would be best LOL!
Im really glad with this purchase! I know i have not used the camera yet but i feel good about it(especially the saving money part)
Thanks everyone for your replies!
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Default Newby here-- can someone sum up the differences between them

I currently use the EOS Rebel 2000 and LOVE it. But I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw the Rebel Digital some months ago!

I am wanting to take my hobby to the next level and do professional in-home shoots (not trying to get rich-- just trying to bring in a little extra cash). For now, I'll be sticking with my Rebel 2000, but going digital had crossed my mind for sometime in the future... and I thought it would be the Rebel Digital. Now I wonder, if for my professional pursuits, I shouldn't maybe consider the 10D.

What are the differences bewteen the 2, and which would you recommend for this kind of work?

Thanks so much!!
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