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Default Speeding up write speed in 10D

Direct quote from Rob Galbraith's website:

We've also retested the Lexar Pro Series 4GB 40X WA and Hitachi 4GB Microdrive in some cameras, to compare the throughput when each is formatted FAT32 with a 4K cluster size (the FAT32 default for the models we retested) or a 32K cluster size.*A larger cluster size should translate into a more efficient camera-to-card transfers, and it does. The performance bump in some cases is modest, and probably not worth the extra hassle of having to*format the card on a Windows computer to make it FAT32 with a 32K cluster size.

For the Canon EOS 10D, however, the write speed bost is considerable, especially given how slow a writer this camera is overall. For example, we measured a 38% increase in throughput when writing JPEGs to the Lexar 4GB 40X when the card was formatted FAT32 with a 32K cluster size instead of a 4K cluster size.
Hope this is helpful to some of you
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Wow, I just might reformat it right now as I have the card in the computer. That is a great win, as I've been unhappy with the speed of my 32x Lexar 1g WA. It isn't bad, per say, but it's clearly slower than the 40x 512 that I have.

Part of the reason I don't shoot with RAW is that it's too slow to write. Now maybe I can use it without getting really annoyed. I never ran out of buffer using JPG, but on every trip I have tried RAW, I have run out of buffer space at least once.

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Old Mar 23, 2004, 2:02 AM   #3
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Problem is that 32KB did not work here, 8kb did.
Using a 1GB card.

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Good information!
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Make sure you take the time to read the whole article.

He states anything smaller than a 2gb card will actually become smaller when formated that way.

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This was originally picked up by folks over dpreview hacking with the Muvo2 4G microdrives: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...essage=7666207

It's highly doubtful that it makes much difference in smaller CF cards since the camera interface with the flash cards is already not that fast: notice the speed differences between 12x and 60x cards in the 10D vs other cameras for example, especially the D70 (up to 4 time faster)... you're already @ its limit! :twisted:

With the 4G microdrive removed from the Muvo2 you are effectively doubling its speed... with 32k cluster, thus making this device more usable.
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