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Default What's after the 10D ?

Anybody heard when Canon will update the 10D? maybe to full frame?? :?:
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No, I would not expect a full-frame 10D. That would be very expensive. The sensor is probably the most expensive part of the camera and the price goes up exponentially as the sensor size increases (more materials, higher percent failure = more expensive part with a lower yield.)

There was a rumor of something with a deeper buffer and faster shutter speed. Then the 1D-Mark II came out. Were people getting their wires crossed, or is that in the works? Who knows.

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the 1D-mkII has a 1.3 lense factor, so its sensor is slightly bigger than the 10D's 1.6 sensor, or slighty smaller than the 1Ds fullframe sensor.

In both cases the $factor is many times the cost of a 10D .

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In the old film format days they first released the eos1, 10s and rebel-g. which were followed by the eos5/elan and the eos3, then several different versions of each came out. I place my bets on something along the lines of the eos5/elan next, maybe 8mp but maintaing the 1.6x factor. (and the 92% viewfinder )
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My guess is that we'll see an 8MP sensor, likely the same as or about the same as the 1Dmk2. But keeping the buffer the same number of shots as the 10D now.

Maybe we'll get eye-controlled focus - I don't know why this hasn't been available on a dSLR yet.

The reason methinks this is that they'll need to put more room between the 10D and the 300D, give people more of a reason to buy the more expensive camera. In addition with a lot of P&S digicams having 6 or 8 MP sensors they'll need to keep competitive in the megapixel wars. (and don't flame me - i know that not all MPs are created equal)

The usual economics of chip production is that the first batch is obscenely expensive as the fab works out the bugs and improves yield. Later on in the process with the design set and machinery up and running the price per unit can drop. We saw the same thing happen with the 300D's sensor being the same as the 10D's.

I think that the 10D will fill the same niche as the Elan does in their film lineup. A high end amateur SLR that lacks the mechanical robustness and the pro metering that the EOS 3/1 have.

I'll guess that we'll have four dSLRs from Canon, a full frame 1D, a 1D optimized for speed, a new 10D/elan and the rebel.

Maybe they'll get crazy and may a P&S which could reuse existing EF mount lenses.:lol:

At least I hope so...I'm going to avoid buying any really wide angle lenses on the hope that the 10Ds replacement has a 1.3 crop factor, not 1.6.
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Old Apr 8, 2004, 2:36 AM   #5
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If I were Canon, this is what I will do next to update the 10D:

retain the body metal chassis but improved dust/water sealing
minor changes to control locations if required
retain the 6.1MP
new improved CMOS and larger sensor factor 1.5 instead 1.6
less noise throughout ISO range
instant power on, faster shutter lag speed, faster writing speed
larger buffer
higher fps and burst number of images
dual slot CF and SD
faster and more accurate autofocus
larger LCD say 2" and higher pixels say 200k pixels
same price
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Old Apr 8, 2004, 6:49 AM   #6
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IMO they will not up the Mpixel too much... 6Mp is plenty, beside they already have 8Mp and 11Mp cameras in their stable for thoses who need them. Look at all the pro-sumers their output file size are just too big... for the occasional needs of most people.

What they do is probably increase feature content like "Eye focus" with the AF point selection like their film counter part, and speeding up the camera response a' la D60 -> 10D transformation... enough so that people will pick Canon's over competing brands. My bet is the 1OD will move down to the Rebel price point with the Rebel going even more aggressive at the mass market. :P

Remember they make more money in the lenses with the higher markup... more bodies in the consumer hands = more lenses! Once people are locked-in to the EF-mount they are guaranteed repeat customers (Nikon has been perfecting this marketing scheme for a long time) :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Bui, I generally agree with your list.

I would be surprised if they added more fps.. that might eat into the 1D-markII sales. Yes, they are in completely different price ranges... but I'm thinking they'll want to keep that high an FPS in the pro range.

faster write speed would be killer, though. That is something that is completely understood and should be easy to do, as is a deeper buffer.

I would be very surprised if they did a faster and more accurate autofocus. I think that is something they save for the pro cameras. I think they need it, but they won't introduce that into the middle/lowend market. It will go into the 1Ds's replacement.

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