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Amateur Mar 29, 2004 11:49 PM

Anyone else have a 5.6 megapixel Rebel
I can't help it , I just like the 4:3 aspect ratio best! After cropping that leaves a 5.6 mp image (which is fine with me actually).

It's not because of printing convenience (that's a plus though), and not because it is the aspect ratio of video (though I'm a video technician - sort of).

I just find that I seem to compose in 4:3 more naturally. I had an E-10 until it was stolen. The DR is it's replacement.

BTW I really like the E-1 but can't afford it. It does seem that the DR's image quality is significantly better in terms of ISO and long exposure noise. (and I realize that the 4/3 system has nothing to do with the 4:3 aspect ratio).

What do you folks think? I'm a new poster but have been reading in these forums a while but haven't seen much on this subject.

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