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and if you looks for true marco lenses,many of them have the minimum aperture (stop down) @ F/32.

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You are right, Canon was way off in its description.

No that isn't a good exampe of Bokeh. Bokeh usually comes from a background that is futher away and has detail that is blury and out of focus. Also, usually you need a fair amount of light to get a good bokeh. Let me see if I can'd find something of mine that has good bokeh.

This sorta does it. Notice how the background is out of focus and kinda a blur of colors? (more the further background than the closer brigher green leaves) That is a better example of Bokeh. Oh, wait. I know here to find good examples.

Arthor Moris is a great bird/nature photographer... one of the best (if you like his style.)

or in the back issues of his news letter, he puts some great pictures. Check out:
The first heron picture isn't a bad example.
The heron lower down that has the big fish
This one might be the best. Go way down to the Great Blue Heron displaying.

BTW, I believe that Bokeh comes from Japanese, but I couldn't tell you a literal translation.

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Good info on bokeh

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Wow, Thanks to All (Ursa, Eric and OHenry) for the Awesome "Bokeh" Information! The Clouds of misunderstanding are dispersing and the Sun is Shinning!

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