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Default Pick it for the long-term not the short-term

I think that the fundemental decision point should be one based on the long-term view. You'll probably end up spending more on the lenses and accessories than the body, and there is also a good chance of wanting to change bodies as image sensors improve over time (but not the lenses).

Nikon has a very nice practice of keeping the value of your lenses by maintaining compatibility. Canon threw that away when going from the FD line to the EF line, and has also made a new lens that can only be used with Rebel (so far). That said, there are a lot of Canon lenses (and 3rd-party) that can be used, and Canon has not made such incompatibility changes very often.

Take a hard look at the lens lines, the prices, quality, and your needs. It may be that Canon has a lens that you just want to have. It might be that Nikon does instead. You're not going to be able to cost-effectively make these shifts too often.

As to not liking the images that Nikon makes -- see if these are things that can easily be adjusted by camera settings or software.

Also, consider the 420ex flash -- it might get you everything that you really need for less.

I have to admit however, that when I got a Rebel for my wife and self, I didn't look too hard at this choice -- there was only the one cheap choice. This too you might consider further -- Canon tends to be a bit and sometimes a lot cheaper than Nikon.

My apologies if all this has been said previously. I too didn't read the previous discussions.
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Thanks your advice rings true and is indeed what I have done to decide. For me the Canon offerings are more suitable. The range of lenses at each price point is greater than Nikons and other factors such as software and service have to be considered. You are also correct on the point about the image from the Nikon, I am sure that with a little tweeking the standard settings can be adjusted to suit the users eye. I have seen many super pictures from the D70 any of which I would be happy with.

With that said I decided to get the 10d, it will stretch the budget to the limit but this is going to be a major investment followed by a long period of aquiring the accessories. So I have spent quite some time trying to find a supplier..... hens teeth have nothing on Canon cameras!!!! I eventually found a dealer in Mainz who I hope has put one to one side for me.

The deciding factors for me are the lens system/choice/price, the feel of the thing (also a greta plus for the D70!), the software support ( I amsure Nikon will catch up here) and the fact that if I dont take the plunge i will miss the oppertunities to take photos that are here and now!

finally if i dont go ahead and buy a 10d Canon will never release the new one. So as soon as its in the bag i will let you know then you can await the announcement from the big C.... 500 euro drop in 10d, 300d to be given awy with frosties etc etc.
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