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Default can't download images

I had a problem today with my digi reb i tried to download about 50 images that i had on the card and only 5 would down load. i have used the card many times before but this time it would accept some of the images. i then tried to insert the card in my hp media center compute in the compact flash slot and use the zoom browser soft ware that came with the camera and that would not work either. i finally got it to down load using the hp image zone plus soft ware and that would finally accept the images
has this happened to anyone else and what did i do wrong
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I've had cards get corrupted, if you've been able to confirm you have the images off the card. Confirm that the images open - again for emphasis. Try reformating the card in the camera and shoot some more to see what happens.

could be any number of things (hardware, file structure, bad connection) and the first thing to do is try a reformat.
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Just a quick thought....................forget all the "stuff" you are trying to use as a download setup and give a Card Reader a shot. You'd be surprised how fast/simple everything fits together. Do Not try unloading from the camera direct, waste of time and power.

I use the reader > Irfanview, super quick and super easy. This would give you the info as far as the card quantity/quality. It's the cheapest method going..................bar none.
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Card readers are the way to go. I've been content with a USB card reader, transferring images with Windows Explorer. I just right drag to my RAW folder and select "move". Then I do something else for a minute. When it's finished, right click on the reader and select "eject". Then put the empty card back in the camera. Every now and then reformat the card in the camera. Haven't lost an image yet.

Love to try a firewire card though.

David Y
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