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Default DRebel, "flashing aperture in Tv mode"

hey everyone, for general picture taking, I set the camera to Tv mode, and set the shutter speed to 125. In most cases the camera will pick an aperture of 5.6....but this "5.6" that is displayed in the viewfinder keeps flashing.... Why?
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Would this be with the kit lens? If so, is the lens zoomed in as far as it will go? If it is, 5.6 is the largest possible aperture, and it is flashing because that is not providing enough light for a proper exposure.
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Yes, whenever you use Tv, if it cannot pick an Aperture to match the shutter speed you've selected, it won't take a picture and will flash the aperture. If you're curioius, try moving to manual and selecting 125 and 5.6 and take the same shot you were trying to take. This time, the camera will actually take it, and you'll probably see that it is underexposed.

You can try increasing the ISO at that point, that may help if you are just a little under-exposed. Otherwise you'll need to decrease shutter or use a flash.

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Default Flashing aperature

Both of the above answers are correct -

open up and see what happens

bumping up ISO will buy you a full stop also

try it, you'll like it
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Camera can't not select an larger aperture to match the selected shutter speed for proper exposure...(since F/5.6 is already the maximum aperture in this case,so you know why the costs of lenses with constant maximum aperture of F/2.8 or larger are expensive?) For this situation you need to:

decrease the shutter speed to 1/60 or further sucha as 1/30... until the aperture value stop flashing, use the tripod to support your camera if shutter speed value is less than your focal length (says the focal length was at 140mm and the shutter speed was at 1/60), but use the tripod any way any time the value is less than 1/60 to insure sharpness.

turn on the flash to shoot, if slow synchro mode is use, use tripod also.

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Thanks everyone for the replys.... sometimes I'm pretty sure I have the answer to my own questions but I simply need it to be confirmed by others... Thanks again!
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