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Genuine Canon Part #: VN2-3293-000

Name: Plate: Focusing Screen

Price: $11.00

Tools: Eyeglass phillips screwdriver

Remove 4 mount plate screws.

Remove 2 spacers.

Remove 2 retaining mount screws.

Remove retaing clip.

CAREFULLY switch old & new.

Put retaining clip back in position.

Screw retaining mount back.

Put back spacers.

Put back mount plate.

Enjoy new clean viewfinder.
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Project #2 will be to pull out the micrometer and calipers and make some measurements of the old focus plate to see how feasible a split prism replacement would be. Or even if a 3rd party would be willing to make one if the price is reasonable.
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When I received my Rebel back from Canon(perminate error 99), they had replaced the "Plate Focusing Screen". Can you please explain to me what this is and what it does?

Thanks, Pete
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I beleive (but I could be wrong) that a split prism screen will cause problem with either the metering or AF system. But I don't remember where I learned that, so I could be very wrong.

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The focus screen is a plastic screen that the image is focused on. Basically a poor analogy but effective one is its like the screen at a movie theater. If the movie projector is like the lens then the movie screen is like the focus screen. It allows you to see (through the viewfinder) if the image as seen through the lens is actually in focus. It also has areas "etched" that allow the red dots to illiminate your autofocus points. Its is *very* delicate and fragile and if anyone EVER handles them do so only by the edges and never make direct contact with either side of the screen.


I remember reading somewhere on dpreview the very same thing .... But after cutting down a screen from a broken and cannibalized nikon4004 the "width" or thickness seems to be the only issue. The metering is still spot on according to my "less-than-scientific" test of shooting high contrast bright/dark scene. In fact the autofocus works perfectly still as well execpt for the image appearing out-of-focus in the viewfinder.. yet in focus when viewed in pshop @ 100%. I think the issue may be partial-metering vs evaluative metering scenes if anything where the camera may be centerweighting the metering.... Ill play and test some more ... hopefully w/o wrecking the camera. On a side note the old focus screen I bathed in 100% medical grade ethanol and it actually now appears to be much brighter when put back in the camera compared to its "brighteness" before and even compared to the brand new OEM screen..? Cant even begin to explain this... not even a clue ...

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