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I am still getting used to this camera, its a bit different then my Olympus C-2100. I picked it up with the kit lens, and a 512 card. And today I picked up a uv filter and second battery.

Last night when I got home with the camera I was messing around with it in the house, and tried the 1600 iso setting. And then this morning I left early to test it out before work, I took about 20 pictures or so. After work I got home and checked out the pics on the computer... Alot of noise.. Odd I thought, then I remembered the night before. Did I leave it set to 1600? Yes, of course I did! So after that I went back out and took some more pictures. This time with the iso set at 100.

Here is the last picture I took before the card was filled up.
Shutter speed: 1/200
Apeture: 20
ISO: 100

So far I am very happy with this camera. I did take some pictures of one of my RC models today as well, but I seemed to place the focus in the wrong spot while using manual focus. With time and practice I will figure out what I am doing wrong on that though. I might give auto a try next time I am out and see how well that does. I could just use a smaller apeture to bring more into focus too, but I would rather have the forground and background out of focus :P
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Judging by your shot you have at least an idea of what the camera can do.

Hang around this web site and read all of the posts regarding the 300D/10D.

If you have questions (and you should have real soon) just put them up here. Most of us understand what you are experiencing and can give you hints and advice to help you along.

Good Shooting

Jon F.
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Congrats. I bought my camera one month past. I am at about 1300 pics and learning the beauty of the TV and AV modes. I purchased the Canon 28-135 USM IS lens and it works very well. I have on order the Canon 50mm F1.8 and the Sigma 70-300 DL APO Super Macro. My wife says that it is enough. Have fun shooting.
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