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A few people have been asking and given I've done this several times I thought I'd share some tips/guidelines.

#1 - If you are not delicate and do not have a steady hand spend 25$ and take your camera to an authorized service center.

I would not recomend you removing the focus screen unless you are very familiar with the camera and are relatively delicate in touch. The focus screen is a plastic fresnel lens that is extraordinarily delicate and can be scratched very easily. You would be far better to try and blow the dirts spec out with a blower with the lens removed. It is highly unlikely the spec is beneath the focus screen as it is seated pretty tightly. It is more probable it is a dirt spec trapped/wedged between the grooves of the fresnel lens. Your best bet is to hit it with air a few times with a rocket-blower or similar device.

But if you want to you should remove the lens and:
The instructions:

1. - Remove the 4 screws that hold the stainless steel lens mount to the body of the camera (silver screws).

2. - Remove the two metal washers (delicately & remembering the order of which is on top).
3. - Remove the lens sensor pin and spring that are beside the release button.

4. - Place a peice of lens paper over the mirror to prevent damage/scratching.

5. - Remove the two screw from the retaining bracket (directly under the flash, black screws).

6. - That will cause the metal retaining clip to pop forward landing onto the mirror (thats the reason for the lens paper over the mirror.)

7. - GENTLY remove the metal retaining clip - paying attention to the orientation and direction it was facing.

8. - UNLESS NECESSARY - Do not remove the plastic focus screen. Instead tip is slightly forward using a pair of tweazers WITH EXTREME care to not touch it by anything other then the very upper left or right corner tabs.

9. - Blow a few squirts of air on both sides of the screen WITHOUT touching or making ANY contact to it.
10. Re-assemble in reverse.

11. When your ready to re-position the plastic retaining bracket, use one finger to carefully push it back against the lens. As you push it back you will need to place the plastic bracket back in place such that once you remove your finger the metal retaining clip expands forward and latches under a groove in the plastic retaining clip.

The focus screen is VERY VERY fragile. Oil from your fingers will discolor/damage it. A Q-tip will leave VISIBLE fibers and scratches. Use NO fluids whatsoever to clean it. AIR ONLY.. NOT COMPRESSED AIR. If you do remove it with anything less then surgical precision you run a 50% risk of scratching it beyond repair and being forced to purchase at least 2 more from canon to ensure getting another one in right.

This is not a difficult process and sounds MUCH worse then it actually is but 7 out of 10 people who try it WILL damage the screen. You need a steady hand and careful attention to detail to pull it off w/o making the problem worse.

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