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BizzyBee wrote:
... IMO "Evaluative" means that it takes some kind of average of either the total picture or of the focus points. Which would be good! What I understand the 300D is doing instead is taking one of the focus points at random (in case of more than one focus point) to base the metering on...
It's not really random, the focus point did light up to indicate which one it chose and has put the emphasis on (or you could have picked the AF point individualy also)

If it's any consolation most other Canon's with the same metering system, including their emulsion based camera, will behave the same with my 10D included. It's actually worst with flash if you do weddings where folks wear mostly black and white, lots of over/under exposure complaints here as well...

The key point is now you know how your tool work get used to it and don't let the camera control you... The photographer makes the good pictures, not the camera! :idea:
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You're saying that the evaluative metering is heavily biased to the focus point(s) on all Canon SLRs? Oh well, at least you can switch to centre-weighted on most of them.
I also have a (digital P&S) G3, which is generally set to evaluative metering, but I get far fewer exposure issues than on the 300D. I wonder if that ignores the focus point for metering?
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