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Hey all,

Well it looks like my fiancee is considering upgrading from her Kodak 42..34.5895 whatever number it is... lol 4960? Anywho, trying to tell her all the benefits of going to SLR. The only thing is, sheseems to take really good pictures to begin with. Should I allow this or should I put my foot down? lol Really Im supa'happy that she is even considering it. Now Ill have to share my lenses with her though:evil:. But anyone else out thereopporate as aphotographer duo? Just curious on how many of you have (hubby/wife) compatition ... lol

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Mine loves my pictures but she has a tremmer so is unable to hold a camera to take pictures. She uses mine on a tripod on occasion, but no being able to hand hold frustrates her.

I know coubles that shoot together and it can work very well.

You didn't say what type of photography she does. There are many benefits of a dSLR, but if you don't need them then it isn't worth it. They are heavy, require extra equipment and are expensive. If you don't need the features, don't get one.

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I'd give her my DRebel and buy a 1Ds
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UnisonBBS -

My wife and I shoot together every weekend. It started out as a way to help her recover from the effects a small stroke last year. (Shes back up to speed now, thank God).

Two things came out of it besides getting her mind off "things".

1) She understands that photography can be an art form.

2) It's hard work getting that "YES" shot.

Sharon is also my best friend and it makes for some really enjoyable times together.

I shoot with the 300D and good glass. She has the Kodak 6490 and loves it.

For what it's worth.
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