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Graeme Shiomi Jun 6, 2004 10:52 PM

So, a couple of friends had parties this weekend, one on Friday the other on Saturday. Of course, brought along the camera for each (although on Saturday spent most of the time at the BBQ cooking up a storm).

Anyway, at the first party I had a great time taking shots, but found it awkward while taking any shots in portrait. I knew that one solution to this was to get the battery grip, and I'd been thinking about it for awhile now. This experience pushed me into getting the grip.

So, the first time I used it was the very next day! I bought it in the morning, and started taking photos when the party started in the early afternoon. Well...the difference was absolutely unbelieveable!!! Taking portrait shots became THAT much easier. But I found other fantastic improvements. The body got that extra size creating a much better balance with the 550EX flash and 28-135IS lens. And grabbing for the camera was much easier, especially from the camera bag.

After using the camera with and without the grip on two subsequent days, both at similar events taking a lot of shots, I must say that the grip is a must-buy IMHO.


P.S. Another lesson learned was in lens selection...but you can read about that in the Canon Lens forum.

Frank Doorhof Jun 7, 2004 12:48 AM

Lately I do alot of shoots with models and also bought the grip a few weeks ago it's one of the best upgrades I could think of, I absolutly love it.


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