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Default d60 w 550ex

I'm having some problems getting great photos when shooting with the d60 and 550ex flash. I usally use it for indoor portraits. My last system was the maxxum 9 with the 5400hs and it seemed to do a wonderful job. Any tricks i should know about? In aperture priority is there any way to set the sync at a constant lower than 1/200th say 1/60th?
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Yes, set the camera at shutter priority mode, the choose the 1/60 shutter speed or any speed slower than the x-synchro speed of 1/200. Same as when you set the camera on aperture priority mode, select any F stop you want, the camera will respond with a shutter speed < 1/200...cheers
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The best way to get consistent flash shots with D60 or D30 is to use the FEL (Star button) on the back. The flash exposure lock will use a brief pre-flash to lock in the proper output for the exposure. It's a minor pain in the *ss but it works great!

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i have found that the d60 and 550 combo does produce underexposed pictures, as a remedy you can dial in +1.1/3 in flash exposer compensation.

many users on another canon forum also
found this problem and use my solution.

i own a camera store and have notified my sales rep who intern has told canon canada to look into this.

hopefully a fimware upgrade is the best solution in the distant future
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Default ETTL is Different From TTL

Canon set up some rules that you have to understand to get good results from the ETTL flashes.

1) There are 2 different exposure readings taken. The first is of the background, without the subject. The second, by a brief preflash, is for the subject alone.

2) In P mode, the camera will expose properly for the subject but will limit your shutterspeed to no slower than 1/60th of a second. This is to ensure pix with no camera shake, but your backgrounds can be very dark or even black.

3) In Av mode, you can select whatever aperture you want. Your subject will be correctly exposed, and the camera will choose the correct shutterspeed to expose the background correctly. Better have a tripod, if you are indoors , at a play, etc, because you can end up with very long exposures.

4) If you select Manual mode, you can set the slowest shutterspeed you can handle, and go for the aperture that gets you close to the exposure level you are willing to accept.

5) Use the center focusing point andpoint the camera at your subject. Hit the FEL button. A preflash will go off and lock in the flash exposure.

6) You have 16 seconds (I think) to recompose and shoot. The flash will be right for your subject, and the background will be as well exposed as the settings you selected in the Manual mode.

7) Hint--you can set the flash aperture manually to be wider than the focal length you're using. This sometimes will lighten a wider area of background.

8) Hint-- in relatively drk settings (such as a singer, center stage) Don't try to use a wide angle lens to get the whole stage. Zoom in and limit the expanse of background you have to light up.

I've only had the D60 since April, so I'm sure there are modifications to my suggestions, but I think they are a reasonably good starting point.

Good luck,
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