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Hi Friends - I'm back what for what I reckon is my last post since I'm an E-1 user now. As you might recall, I sold my DRebel set-up to convert to the
E-1 before I had too much into lenses. As I promised, here is is a link to my first E-1 posts (it will be the most recent Northern California album).


I want to stress that I'm not knocking the DRebel. I post this as a reference for DRebel users as a former Drebel user who might want an opinion on another SLR. Besides - there is no one in the E-1 forum..... For the type of shooting I do, I couldn't get the result I wanted with a DRebel, even with using the Canon IS lenses that I tested for a few days. In fact, my better images still came from my Tamron 28-300 (OK, that'll be the last rant you'll hear about that subject.) Here's a few pros and cons that I can offer after shooting with the E-1 for a week on vacation ;

- I found I could access and change the setting easier and quicker with the E-1, probably because it has two wheels like the Cannon and Nikon upper SLR's. The camera feels very pleasant in my hand, it has a nice weight.

- The tracking time and lens lock is much faster on the E-1, however, the three point focusing does not work as well as the DRebel nine point system.

- For the type of shooting I do (a lot of still life with side and back lighting), the E-1 images have more clarity - which was the main improvement I was looking for. I do a lot less sharpening and other post edits on the E-1 images. The color saturation and match is also noticeably more accurate and pleasant

- The weatherproff design and vibrating sensor completely removed my anxiety about frequent lens changes that I have worried about often in this forum

- I have had one program glitch with the E-1. The image lock indicator stooped working. An image will still lock, I just don't get the visual cue. Olympus thinks I have two corrupted 512 cards, I but I doubt it. A minor issue that I will continue to pursue with Olympus; hope this is the only such flaw.

I've enjoyed this forum and have learned much from all of you. Come visit me in the E-1 forum sometime!

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Whatever your choice - it seems that you enjoy the prime reason for ALL of these forums - PHOTOGRAPHY !!

Best of luck !
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Yes, I don't think this is a forum where onetouts "my camera is better than your camera" (althought there are plenty of those forums around). It's more like "I have a camera and I take pictures with it". Enjoy your new camera and hope it brings you all the joy you want from it. Now, go out and take some pictures and post them for us!

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coupe things since you didn't metion:

The optical viewfinder in the E1 is the worst in its class, it has the tunnel effects, so far in this class, the digital rebel has the best magnification viewfinder.

Noise at higher ISO setting with the Rebel is better than the E1

AF speed on the Rebel is definitely beats the E1, sharpness setting is purely subject to your own prereferences, can be done in camera setting or post processing.

For the color rendition, saturation, well...up's to you pal...I wouldn't trust the Tamron 28-300m lens...wanna do the test...take the Canon 100mm marco lens, shoot the crap out of it...then compare the results to the Olympus 50mm marco lens (same effects as 100mm on the E1), then tell the people in this forum what you think...

I have to admit...the E1 has a much better body constructions, built to last...but for the price, Olympus will never beat the Canon's market share, and here is another bad news for Olympus...september 04...the Rebel II is coming...watch out those Nikon D70...


and for those 10D owners...you've got a better deal...so do not losing any sleep over this...:lol:

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Like I said, I'm not knocking the DRebel. You can quote the stats, I understand - but I have used both cameras and my advice is not to get too caught up in the stats - I did not find the stats very relevant to my hands on experience! ohenry & Setiprime have the right attitude - it's about taking photos and the results. Check out my link, I'd appreciate any feedback . :P :-)
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