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I'm on the waiting list for the Mark II and there's still time for me to cancel my order. I've been hearing a number of conflicting opinions about the "soft" images that have been experienced by some and just exactly how "soft image" can be interpreted. I've also heard more comments on the fantastic performance of this camera, these being from professionals or photojournalists for the most part. Since this is a major investment I would appreciate only "informed" responses from people who have actually experienced working with this camera or who have a first person relationship with someone who has or has worked with it. If you have read this or that then I've probably read the same sort of thing so that isn't going to be helpful.

A recent comment from an amateur photographer has inspired me to post this thread. He claims that he knows of professionals who are returning their Mark II because of various problems and going back to their 10D's until the problems are rectified.

I've read a number of articles on this apparent "soft" focus and am not convinced that it is a camera problem so much as a user problem.

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My comment is that you should buy the camera and in your disgust with the soft images you should sell it to me for a great discount and a few prints of my herons. :-) Oops, sorry I digressed.

I know several people who have the Mark II. One I know personally, others I know from another forum. The person I know has let me take a few shots with his camera.

You describe the situation correct... the images out-of-camera are soft. But most I've talked to have said that they take sharpening very well and it isn't a problem for them.

One forum exchange about this stuck in my memory. A very, very good professional from England (travels around the world photographing on contract work and for books he writes) was complaining about the soft output. It was really, really bothering him (to the point of almost returning the camera… as he had already exchanged it twice in case it was a problem with that specific body.) A few followup posts said "ya, they are soft but it works out" and some more said "no, this is too soft! This is an expensive camera and it produces this mud?" My friend said "look, I can get good results" and then included a cropped portion of one of his shots with no processing. Just cropped so picture pixels matched screen pixels. And while it was a soft, it wasn't "mud". The responses to that post was "well, now. I guess I just have to get better at my long lens technique!"

And that stopped the debate. Now I have to ask how if their long lens technique is already good enough for the 1D and 10D, why wouldn't it be good enough for the 1D-II? Doesn't make sense to me! But my friend showed, without a doubt, that you can produce reasonable pictures out of camera, and good sharp photos after editing.

I believe everything on these pages were taken with the 1D-II

Another complaint which I've heard is that the shutter button is too sensitive. It has no 1/2 way spot. So he assigned the * button at his thumb to focus. The shutter is also so sensitive its basically impossible to fire only 1 shot in continuous drive mode. Maybe he's gotten better at it now, but when I talked to him a few months ago that was his biggest complaint.


Ps. The English professional finally deceived to keep the body, as he just said he used it while photographing Bears in Alaska.
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Thanks eric, you have confirmed what I thought all along. This camera is Canon's gem, if it blows wind, then Canon dies, simple as that, since it's Canon's pro series cam. I never expected a perfect camera in the first place, because that will never come. Thanks for your sincere input

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Well i have had my 1D Mark 2 for 9 days now and it is an excellant camera. I replaced my 10D with it and wouldnt want to go back to my 10D. Last night i did a couple of shots at Niagara Falls and took these from exactly were i had taken some earlyer this year with my 10D. Both times used my Sigma 15-30EX lens. I can tell you without anydoubt that the Mark 2 shots are just as sharp but with increased detail. Just put one of those 1D MK 2 shots up over in the landscape section here. Cant really tell anything from the shot being reduced in size but there is a definite increase in detail. In the fulls size shot you can read the name on the one hotelon the rightwith the MK2 shot but its blurred out on 10D. Plus the fact the 1Dmk2 shot is actually a wider angle shot so the buildings in the shot when looking at them at 100% in photoshop are actually slightly larger in the 10D shot but i still couldnt make out the name on the hotel on the right side of the Casino tower. Which goes to show you that the MK2 is plenty sharp with a increase in detail pixel for pixel compared against the 10D.

Now onto the operation of the camera, much much faster in focus and much more accurate. Did some low light autofocus tests 10D vs MK2. The 10D would miss focus under low light even though it locked were the MK2 would lock but be correct in focus and quicker. Now this was under low light were you would only get 1/30 a sec at iso 1600 at f2.8, so thats pretty low light. I did the test with a flash unit on camera and used the flash assist beam to let both cameras get extra help from the beam. BUT both would focus lockwithout it. Then the noise. The MK2 is definitly lower in noise, plus the noise that it does have is less blotchy. It was nice to have both cameras for my comparison, but now sold the 10D to help pay for the MK2 (darn expensive) .
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Thanks dc9mm, for your test results.

I think that the earlier releases of the MarkII may have had some initial problems and I'm feeling that Canon released it with this in mind, so that the pros and committed amateurs would test it out and give them feedback.

I think it's clear that has happened and that Canon is getting quickly on the bandwagon (and has probably already gotten and released improved bodies...yours in particular) to fix the details (and from what I've read they have considered just about everything, including using gloves with the camera). This same amateur photographer has now told me that he doesn't think many of these problems apply to later releases, only the earlier, or beta if you will, releases. That suits me just fine.

I'm willing to wait for a month or so to get a camera like yours where the fixes have been made, and I'm sure that Canonhas, and will, make them since their "professional" reputation is on stage here. I'm sure they "really" respect that idea, that if they don't please the pros, and fast, then they will lose out in the long run.

Thanks for your input! I'm sure you are enjoying that camera immensely. I like to capture action, myself, so I'm really looking forward to the high ISO qualityoutput with a faster shutter. I actually, in another string, took Steve's 3200 ISO photograph of a girl, passed her through an noise processer, and honestly would never have guessed that this high an ISO was used. That gives me 3 stops of light from my perspective to get a reasonable action shot without flash.

Well, that's my thoughts on the matter, and I appreciate your own input, especially since you own the camera and have personally tested it.

Thanks again.
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Thanks loads DC. Here I have had my 10d for several months and am enjoying the hell out of it and you have to burst my bubble by gushing over the 1D Mark II. It may take several years but I will get my revenge when I buy the new Canon 7D Mark V.

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