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I recently purchased a Canon 10D, and have discovered when I fit my Sigma 300AF F4APO lens that the camera shows an error 99 code and I usually miss the shot. Can anyone shed any light on this for me. I apologise if this question has already appeared on this site.
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According to a Google search, this error is a 'catch all', this means that it gets displayed when the software can't work out which of its other messages to display. In your case it sounds like the contacts of the lens aren't making 100% connection.

You may want to ask this in the Canon forums here for a more detailed answer.
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That is correct. Sigma lenses are having troubles working with newer Canon bodies. All third party lens makers have to reverse engineer Canon systems because Canon does not sell this information to them. Consequently, many older Sigma lenses are not compatible with newer Canon bodies. This crops up as an Error 99, which is a catch all error telling you something is wrong.

Now, I do believe that if that is an older lens, get in contact with Sigma, and they will re-chip your lens for it to work with your Canon. Most newer Sigma lenses don't seem to have this trouble with Canon bodies.

If that is a newer lens, then maybe your contacts are not coupling properly. Check to see if there is dirt, or something else obstructing them. Likewise, if the problem continues, you should probably contact Sigma.
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I really appreciate the quick replies to my question and the answers clearly give me some avenues to explore regarding the correction to the lens contacts, luckily I have a Canon supplier nearby who also supplies Sigma lens. Thanks again.
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I have "ERR 99" consistently (and repeatable) using the 4G Microdrives on multi-shots when filling up the 10D's buffer regardless of lens... EF 85mm f/1.2, EF 28-135mm IS USM, etc...

If I turn ON the rear LCD review option then no more "ERR 99", ever! This only happens with the 4G Microdrives when the rear LCD review option is turn OFF. The 1G Microdrives or flash work just fine regardless if the review mode is turned ON or OFF!
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