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I'm going on my first extended trip with the 300D (2 weeks). What devices/techniques do people use to store your photos while your gone?

I have two compactflash cards (512 and 256mb) and I would like to move the photos off of them at the end of each day or so. I've seen some devices advertised for this purpose, anyone using these?

Thanks, keith
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I've seen some devices that actually burn the images to a CD or store them onto a harddive. I've been looking into one of these. But for now, I use my wifes laptop. If you are fortunate enough to have one, they work good. Just not as portable as other solutions.

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Old Jul 12, 2004, 5:04 PM   #3
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There are many available portable digital wallets ranging in pricing from $150-$500 and up, depending on the amount of memory and features. A 20gig one will cost about $200 or less and should serve your purpose. I was looking into them a few months back. Just do a google search for digital storage devices or something along that lines. Circuit City has them in stock at my local store. I would prefer the harddisk type rather than the CD burner type.

A laptop is always a good choice, as well.
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Keith check out this link http://www.micro-solutions.com/roadstor/index.asp

I have ordered one after much research and expect it on Wednesday. I am also taking a long trip in several weeks(Alaska for 3 weeks) and do not want to haul a laptop which I did several years ago.

Good luck.
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Old Jul 24, 2004, 6:23 PM   #5
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I just read your comment and wondered if you've received your system yet and what your feelings are on it. I am also trying to find something to save pictures to when I'm out in the field snapping away. I want something portable and reliable. I'm confused on what type of unit to get. Some burn to CD's some don't. What's better???? I appreciate any help with this. Thanks,


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Old Aug 8, 2004, 1:20 PM   #6
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I realize this post is a bit late to be of any use to your on your current trip (sorry, just joined the forum), but here's what I do when my wife and are on the road shooting.

For a one-day outing, we take along a 30gig Flashtrax digital wallet.

For longer, we take both the Flashtrax and a laptop, which has a built-in DVD burner. We generally leave the laptop in the hotel, using the Flashtrax during the day, then downloading to the computer and burning to DVD (2 copies).

By the way, we each carry one 512-mb card and one 1-gig card.


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I have four 256Mb cards and a 340Mb Microdrive and found that on a two week holiday it wasn't enough.

Most days I'd come back and back up the day's "take" to my laptop.

Once the CFs were all full, I had to erase one to take more pictures and now teh only copy of those first pix I had was on the laptop. Which did't die, get dropped, or maltreated by officious airport security nazis. Phew.

I'll be looking at one of the hard-disk backup devices when teh budget has some room on it.
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