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I agree that the cost comparison including the 1D is not useful. I don't agree about AF being the same - it, like metering, is adjustable in the 10D, which has occasion to be very valuable.

As for putting them both on Auto and getting the same result, that's accurate but misleading. Few using the 10D (unless they are beginners who don't know any other way) would regularly, if at all, use the 10D in auto. They would take advantage of the variety of modes/settings to achieve the best result. So saying picture quality is equal is not entirely correct. It is and it isn't. In pure "auto" under the same conditions - true. But, the 10D has much more customization which, in the hands of the knowledgable, can yield a better image (even though both share the same ultimate capture sensor). As for hacking the Rebel, it is not complete, not supported and voids your warranty. It also is possible (I've not seen it so I'm not certain HOW likely) to ruin your camera. Not to mention, somewhat unethical IMO - but that's another issue and I don't want to start a flame war.

So, ultimately you have to decide if the substantial gain in flexibility (metering, AF, quicker adjustment settings, buffer size and extensive special customized settings thru menus) is important vs. lower cost/weight, lower flash position (really not an issue), etc. I guess in sum, it comes down to what you want to accomplish and how much you need or would use the better feature set of the 10D. Bottom line - the 10D can do all that the Rebel can and much more, but not vice-versa IF you need it. Let the war continue.
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Thank you everyone for all of your help.

I am going to buy the Digital Rebel. Right now the Rebel is more than enough camera to learn for a total newbie like me. I have downloaded and read the user manual. I am also taking the lessons at the Canon Digital Learning Center @ photoworkshop.com

Many people have advised me to try each camera for fit. I did not think that size was important. I thought I would not mind carrying a 10D with the optional battery grip. I was very wrong! I tried both cameras at a local store and found the Rebel a perfect fit for my small hands. I no longer want the battery grip either.
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Well congrats. You are going to like that camera.

Likewise, it should be more then enough camera for you for a long long time. I know several working pros who use it as their main camera. Also, I have been into photography for well over 15 years now, and find it a good fit as well.
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Funny...after all of these tips and you're still going for the Rebel...? okie ..tough crowd...

Here is the key pal: regardless what have been said...you do not have complete control over the Drebel on some of the functions and no matter how good the camera is, when you learn how to better use the camera, you will regret your decision...actually, if you're consider about the cost, this is the best time to get the 10D, price is lower than ever now...not just is better, it's so far superior than the Rebel, better body construction and material, and it made in Japan, not Taiwan...

Whatever...it's your money...choose wisely for your investment if you do care about the value and performance...


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