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I am seeing a couple of light spots on my blue skies lately and think its some dirt on my mirror. What is the safest way to wipe off the mirror without damaging the camera?

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Light spots? You do mean dark spots right?

Light spots are probably not dust on the sensor, but lens flare from the sun striking your lens.

Specks of dust on the sensor should translate into dark spots showing up on your photos. Likewise, are these specks showing up on all your photos in the same spot? If so then, possibly you are correct, and you will need to clean your sensor.

Now, if you see dirt through your viewfinder, then that means your mirror is dirty. Note that even though your mirror is dirty, this dirt will not show up on your photographs. Only dirt on the sensor will do that.

Read your manual on how to clean your sensor. A word of caution, do not use anything abrasive, or anything that contains liquids. The swing mirror is especially fragile, and if you wipe away the coating, it will cost you $$$. Likewise, you shouldbe equally careful with the sensor.

There is a clean sensor mode in your camera menu. This will pop up the mirror and keep it out of the way for you to clean your sensor. I would only use compressed air made for the purpose, or a blower brush with the bristles taken off. Try not to rub the lens with anything if you can.
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Dirt on the mirror will have no effect on the image taken. You may see it in your viewfinder, but the mirror flips up out of the way during exposure. More likely, you need to clean your sensor as suggested above.
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READ THIS LINK on how to properly clean your sensor before starting on cleaning your sensor. You do not want to screw this up, a scratched sensor is going to cost you $$$$.


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