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I am preparing to buy my first serious digital camera, probably a DRebel, and have been following posted comments about lenses. My question relates to filters. I always use aUVA or similar filter on my film lenses to reduce blue in shadows and protect the lens surface from finger prints. Shoulda filter be used onDRebel lenses other than a "clear" protective cover? What do you recommend? Also, do you use Canon lens hoods and caps or are there more convenient after market items?
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You can use any filter you want onthe DRebel. However, you should realize that the camera's internal white balance algorithms will counteract many coloured filter effects.

A UV or skylight filter are excellent as protection filters for your lens. I use them on all my lenses.

For example, I use a Cokin filter system on my DRebel when I want to have some fun with special effects. I have found that some of the colour filters do not work as advertised. It is a learning process, but experimentation is the fun part.

As for lens hoods, I use third party rubber hoods that you can fold for storage on the lens. I dislike bayonet lens hoods because they are bulky and awkward to use.
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The best filter that you can add to your bag is a circular polarizer. Others you might consider are graduated neutral density filters (I prefer the square filters for this). I'll leave the UV/Have filter debate for your own choice.

I almost ALWAYS use a lens hood. It prevents/minimizes lens flare and also provides impact protection to the front element. IMO, the rubber lens hoods are better than none, but I would prefer the supplied one personally.

The lens cap should be on your lens anytime you are not in the process of taking pictures (not between every shot unless so desired, but whenever you put you camera down or in the bag or change lenses). There are after market lens caps, but they're not any better than the one that came with your lens.
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Most people use UV and Sky light 1A or B for the purpose of protect the front element of the lens from dust, sand and other objects, plus these filters have zero effect on the EV, the UV can be effectively remove the UV ray, skylight filter does the same thing but in the less effective way but also add a little warm touch. PL filter is another useful to reduce the reflection on water, glass and shinny object, also helps to increase contrast, color saturation, ND and darken the blue sky, but it will reduce the EV by 2 stops, and it must beused in the proper way to achieve the best results. Anytime you put something over the lens, you tend to de-grade the quality of your lens any way, so if you use filter, you must use filters that have at least the same quality glass as your lens to minimze that effect. For ex: recently, I purchased the new Sigma EX 17-35mm F/2.8-4 DG for my Nikon D70, since most of the online dealers do not carry the Sigma filters, I have to go to Sigmaphoto.com to order the original Sigma EX UV 77mm Multi coated filter for the lens (same optical as the lens and made in Japan). A good multicoated filter can transmit up to 99.7% of the light as oppose to 93% of the mono coated filter. I used Hoya super-multicoated filters for all of my Canon L lenses.

Also, as someone stated in here: always leave the lenshood attached to your lens as much as you can.

Think abou this when you think about filters: why would you want to drive a Cadillac with 4 spare tires on? You can never get out all of the benefits of doing this...


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