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What is the correct way to clean a lens? I have a nikon cleaning cloth that came with my little digital camera, but now I have the drebel. Is it ok to wipe the lens with this cloth or do I need to get something else?
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It is ok to clean the lens with the cloth.

Also, lens cleaning cloths for eye glasses really work well for this application.

You can also buy a lens cleaning kit for the purpose. These generally include a blower brush (I usually remove the bristles for blowing dust off the lenses, and then place it back to wipe the lens clean afterwards. The kit also contains a piece of cloth, some lens cleaning tissue paper, and some lens cleaning fluid, and possible a few cue tips.

Never place liquids onto the lens, always apply to a piece of glass cleaning cloth, or to the tissue paper used for the purpose. If you apply any liquids, it will run to the sides of the front lens mount, and get sucked into the lens barrel via capillary action.

Never clean the lens with tissue papers used to blow your nose, or for that purpose, anything rough. This goes for glass cleaning cloths after a while also.

You can buy a lens pen, which is a pen like device with a brush on one end, and a small disk of soft leather with possibly some sort of chemical cleaner applied to it. These can be convenient at times.

Just remember, either use caned air, or a blower brush to blow off any large specks of dust before you wipe. If the dust is still there, it can scratch your lens, or the coating, when you rub it with a piece of cloth or lens tissue paper.
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Another thing is to not use eye classes cleaning tissue. I've heard its because the cleaning solution on the tissue can do bad things to the coatings on some lenses.

Personally, I use a micro fiber hand-towl and a blower ball.

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I always have a filter on my lens for saftey and I havent even seen one little spec of dust on it, but I use wipes I bought from Ritz that set me back a bit but the guy said he uses them on all his cameras in the store and at home so I got them
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planters49 wrote:
Is it ok to wipe the lens with this cloth or do I need to get something else?
The drawback to all dry, multi-usecleaning cloths is that you won'tknow when they have acquired a bit of grit until it's too late. So if you use one, extreme measures are required to preserve its integrity.

I doubt that spectacle-cleaning wipes will do any harm to any optical lenses. A coating's not much good if you can wipe it off with a bit of alcohol. Many spectacles have sophisticated coatings on these days. However, I don't know this for sure and would welcome an authoritative view (preferably from a lens manufacturer).

I have been using ludicrously cheap throwaway wet 'optical lens wipes' for years, with no noticeable effect on my various camera lenses. However, starting with a blower brush is quite a good idea PROVIDED IT'S CLEAN.

There's a trade-off to be had. If you see a fingerprint or grease stain on your digicam lens, you'll have to (a) put up with it and the associated flare, or (b) rub quite hard with a dry cloth to remove it, or (c) wipe it quickly & gently with a one-shot wet wipe which will do the job totally & immediately.

It's your choice!
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I keep a UV filter on my lens and I am careful to avoid getting it soiled.

If it does get a smudge, since it isonly a filter, I just use a clean shirt tail(cotton) or whatever is handy. Quick and easy, no danger to lens.

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