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Thanks guys for all your help and support, I do not think I would have been as ready for this as I am if it wasnt for you guys. I just finished my to do list and most is done already and I am just finishing the music for the wedding as I type this.

Just one last question on the Canon 28-135 IS lens what way is on for the IS the | or the o? it didnt come with a booklet so I dont know!
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1 is on.

When using IS, remember to give is a half second or so to stabilize after a half-press of the shutter before you take the shot. You will see the image steady up in the viewfinder.

Best to ya,

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Go for it :|

A friend of mine photographed a Wedding for his friends with that Lens and a dReb. It came out great. We did the processing on my system as I have Photoshop and a Canon I960. One thing to remember is that Weddings are not all about close-ups. If you zoom in too far you will lose the 3.5 with that Lens and it will default to 5.6. 3.5 is very useful for no-flash shots even though the DOF is decreased. Go into the Creative Zone and increase the ISO to 200 which will give youmore flexability.

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Good luck!

The easiest way to think of those symbols (| and o, which I think are DUMB!!!) are that the o is an incomplete circuit and the | is a completed wire/circuit. I believe this is where it comes from.

It's supposed to be language/culture independent, so they can sell the same lens all over the world. Personally, I think those really have no meaning to the vast majority of the planet

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