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Railfire wrote:
I mean, why would one need IS on a 17-85mm lens????
The same reason why everyone on theses forum gloat about their EF 28-135 IS USM (ie 1.6 x 17-85mm) being their favorite lens now that's being "digitized" a' la 4/3! :-):-):-)

I'm more interested in the:

or the Sigma 12-24mm (whichever is better)!

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•8.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor

•DIGIC II processor

•Wide area 9-point AF

•5 fps shooting

•35 zone evaluative metering

•Simultaneous RAW and JPEG processing

•Durable EOS magnesium body

•Wide ISO speed range up to ISO H3200

• Expanded image display zoom options


Image Sensor
High-sensitivity, high-resolution, large 22.7 x 15.1mm single-plate CMOS sensor.
Total pixels: Approx. 8.20 megapixels (Effective pixels: Approx. 8.2 megapixels)
Color Filter System: RGB primary color filter
Low-Pass Filter: Located in front of the image sensor, non-removable

Lens Mount

Canon EF mount

LCD monitor/LCD Info
1.8" TFT Color Monitor (Approx. 118,000 Pixels)

Eye-Level Type
Fixed, New Laser Matte screen Focusing screen
Viewfinder Information: AF, Exposure, Flash, Warnings maximum burst for continuous shooting, shots remaining Depth-of-field preview: Enabled with depth-of-field preview button

Focal lengh multiplier

35mm-equivalent focal length is equal to approx.1.6 times the marked focal length.

Focusing Type
9 point AF, TTL-CT-SIR (TTL secondary phase difference detection)

Focus Modes
One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF, Manual focusing (MF)

Sensitivity (ISO equiv film speed)
Equivalent to ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and ISO 3200 with ISO speed extension

White balance
Auto, daylight, shade, cloudy, tungsten light, fluorescent light, flash, manual, color temperature setting

Exposure Modes
Program AE (Full Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait, Flash Off, Program), shutter-priority AE, aperture-priority AE, depth-of-field AE, manual exposure, ETTL autoflash

Exposure Metering
TTL full aperture metering with 35-zone SPC,
(1) Evaluative metering, (2) Partial metering at center (approx. 9% of viewfinder), (3) Centerweighted average metering
Metering Range: EV 1-20 (at 20°C with 50mm f/1.4 lens, ISO 100)

Exposure Compensation
1) AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) +/- 2 stops in 1/2- or 1/3-stop increments (can be combined with AEB)
2) Manual exposure compensation
3) Flash exposure compensation

Shutter type
Electronically-controlled focal-plane shutter

Shutter Speed
Shutter speeds: 1/8000 - 30 sec. (1/2- or 1/3-stop increments), bulb, X-sync at 1/200 sec.

Quick-return half mirror (Transmission: reflection ratio of 40:60 (no mirror cut-off with EF 600mm f4 or shorter lens)

Diopter Correction
-3.0 - +1.0 diopter

Built-In Flash
Auto pop-up E-TTL autoflash (retractable
Guide No 13 (ISO 100, meters), 43 (ISO 100, ft.)
Recycling time Approx. 3 sec.
Flash coverage 18mm lens angle covered
Flash exposure compensation +/-2 stops in 1/2- and 1/3-stop increments

External Flash Sync
(1) Hot shoe: X-sync contacts E-TTL II autoflash set with EX-series Speedlites
PC terminal Provided

Video Out


Burst rate

Approx. 5 fps (at 1/250 sec. or faster shutter speed) up to 9 shots

Video mode

Audio annotation

Internal Memory/Memory card
CompactFlash Card (Type I & II), Microdrive

File Size
1) Large/Fine: approx. 2.4MB (3072x2048 pixels)
2) Large/Normal: approx. 1.3MB (3072x2048 pixels)
3) Middle/Fine: approx. 1.4MB (2048x1360 pixels)
4) Middle/Normal: approx. 0.7MB (2048x1360 pixels)
5) Small/Fine: approx. 0.9MB (1536x1024 pixels)
6) Small/Normal: approx. 0.5MB (1536x1024 pixels)
7) RAW: approx. 8.2MB (3072x2048 pixels)

Image modes
JPEG (EXIF 2.2/EXIF print compliant). RAW or Both.

Self Timer
Electronically-controlled 10-sec. Delay

Remote Control
N3-type terminal

Depth of Field Preview
Enabled with depth-of-field preview button

Power Source
One Battery Pack BP-511/BP512 (lithium ion rechargeable battery)
Back-up battery CR2025; One lithium battery

149.7 (W) x 107.5 (H) x 75 (D) mm /5.9 (W) x 4.2 (H) x 3.0 (D) in.


740 g / 26.1 oz. (Excluding the Battery Pack, Compact Flash card and back-up battery.)

System requirements
Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP;
Mac OS 8.6-9.x, OS X (10.1)

Special features
12 LCD monitor languages,
Custom Functions 17 Custom Functions with 61 settings
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Wow! This camera looks great! My first thought was, "this is the dSLR I've been wating for!" I was especially excited about the new lenses.

Then, the disappointment hit. The 17-85mm EF-S lens is listed as $599. For that price, I might as well get a 10D (on clearance) and a 17-40L. Not nearly as much reach, but it gives me the 28mm equivalent field-of-view that I crave, along with L quality and the ability to be used on a film camera (or full-frame digital, years down the road). Heck, if I buy a used 10D (or even a D60), I might even be able to get the 70-200 f4.0 L too (a shop has a used one for a little over $400), all for the price of the 20D and the 17-85. I'd lose the new features of the 20D (I don't even need 5 fps or 8 MP), and the IS, but I'd have two L's encompassing a much greater zoom range. There's the option of getting the 20D with the 18-55 kit, but having used that lens, it just seems pretty flimsy to put on a camera like the 20D, and it means that the 20D body alone has to justify paying almost twice as much as for the Digital Rebel.

That said, the 20D does indeed look awesome (can't wait to see the sample pics!), and maybe I'll end up with one after a while, when they cost a little less (or I can afford a little more).
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IMO you're just sizing the "package" to meet your budget... You have to compare camera to camera: ie 10D vs 20D. The 10D retailed for $1599 when it was 1st release with waiting list for weeks on end. The 20D is now a much improved camera for roughly the same price (or even slighly less)!

Lenses are lenses and they will go with the 10D just as well as the 20D and their cost will be the same regardless of which camera you pick. At the time the 10D was released no one hesitate to buy the popular EF 28-135 IS USM for the same "package" price, the EF-S 17-85 just makes it all the more convenient now. There's no doubt in anyone mind in the quality of the "L", but some folks may also appreciate the size/weight saving of the APS-C format, and the convenience factor (ie the need to change lenses). Why carry the extra bulk if the point is only to upgrade to a full frame in the future when newer/better lenses could be released anytime?

IMO Canon will have no problem moving the 20D or the EF-S 17-85 IS USM, actually I can envision more folks now opting for this lens rather than their "favorite" EF 28-135 IS USM :lol:
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Convenience or not, $600 is alot for a consumer lens, if that is indeed the street price when it becomes available."Normal" people (which we obviously are not-we are sick!) don't pay $600 for a consumer lens. We see plenty of stories of people buying 10D's and then only wanting to buy a third-party 28-300 zoom to know this lens is going to be quite a reach even for some who jump at the D20 body.

Then again, the Canon marketing people don't seem to miss the mark too much.

The one I was interested in was that 10-22...that is until I heard the $800 sales price- $100 more than I paid for the 17-40L and the same price a Digital Rebel bodycosts. Wow. I think 17mm is wide enough (at leastfor now), thank you.

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Old Aug 20, 2004, 10:30 AM   #16
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Greg Chappell wrote:
The one I was interested in was that 10-22...that is until I heard the $800 sales price- $100 more than I paid for the 17-40L and the same price a Digital Rebel body costs. Wow. I think 17mm is wide enough (at least for now), thank you.
They have to deal with the Sigma 12-24mm EX HSM here which is not an EF-s, and from the few results that Eric has posted it seems like a decent lens and has set a floor on the price
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Well, it is time to sell the - 645 & all of the lenses for whatever I can get & probably the Elan 7. & the Sunpak544. With 3 - 512MB & 1 - 256 CF cards, I see the need for a 1 GB CF card IF I were to buy the 20D! However, I would agree that those lenses are very pricey! Remember I cannot use either on my EOS-3 (which I am not going to sell just yet). Dilemma on the 20D. Hmm - I like what I read on steves review about being able to shoot at ISO 1600 & get the same results of the 10D if you shot it at ISO 400! I also like the 8.2MP image sensor & the 5fps is great. Right now the jury is out. The price on the 580EX flash is ridiculous!

I know this is not the place for it - but the G6 looks like a Great camera - too bad they had to make it available in Silver! SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN BLACK Canon!!!!!
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Railfire wrote:
The price on the 580EX flash is ridiculous!
... May be they'll discount the 550EX; Otherwise, there's still the Sigma EF500DG Super. You just don't get the white balance otherwise everything is still kosher :?

FYI http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/E20D/E20DA12.HTM

I agree with you the Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 EX is the one to watch out for as well... IMO the 4G microdrives will be quite handy now with this camera shooting in RAW + jpegs (wished the 20D came with two media slots a' la DCS Pro/c with assignable format to each one though)!

The lens is pricey is only a "relative" term, check out Nikon: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/1224.htm :-)
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