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Andy, I'm curious, what made you decide the EOS? I am going back and forth between the Pro 1 and the EOS.
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I can tell you from expirience, again with playing in my store, that the pro 1 is a nice camera, but VERY much p&s compared to the rebel. I don't like the relatively high noise at iso 400, the very odd feeling digitally controlled zoom, and the very low amount of buffer.

Don't take me the wrong way, I like to pro 1 much better than most cameras, but IMHO the digital rebel is the way to go.

Here is the big reason: pro1 is and always will be a p&s shoot digicam, and the rebel is part fo the EOS system, which is an endless money sink and bad back creator! :-) If you want simple and compact, go with the pro 1. If you are wanting more serious options, go with the rebel.
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Hi freidaw,

My decision was based on image quality (noise and resolution etc). There is no gain by choosing the pro1 (maybe weight) over the Rebel since it is as expensive as the Rebel. Well of course the Rebel package will be more expensive in the long run, if you count the lenses you will buy etc but it will also be a lot more powerful and flexible too. So for me the pro1 was not even a choice to consider. I already own a P&S camera too so the logical step up is a SLR.

As Gandalf pointed out the noise is a lot higher on pro1 vs Rebel. The pro1 is however a nice camera but overprized in my opinion.

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I have played around a bit with the Pro 1 in a local camera store that a friend works in. Nice camera but a couple of things really annoyed me:

The electronic view finder is horrible when you are used to looking through the viewfinder on a real SLR. It just seems slow....!

The image quality is nice but the amount of Chromatic Aberation is terrible. At least on the 300D if you find that you have CA you can eventually upgrade your lens to one that doesnt suffer so bad (i did this - kit lens to the 17-40f4 L - what a difference...!).

It also feels almost too compact in my hands. The weight is nice but i have big fingers and trying to find buttons when the camera is up to my eye was difficult...

Anyway i am sure most people would be happy with the Pro 1 but if you are used to an SLR you wont like it.
By the way i also have the Sigma 105mm Macro lens. Well worth the money in my opinion - sharp, well built and nice handling (apart from auto-focusing)...


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Yahoo! My Rebel is in the mail! Thanks for all your insight and help. This place is great! Lots of good people here ready to help! I'll be back often!

This is one of the very last pictures from my Sony CD1000 before it died forever. Say a few words for it will you!
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