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Not sure but from a couple german and japan sites there is a EOS 7D in the works?? Sounds mighty nice, if this is true. Maybe this is Canon's Hush Hush secret??
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The talk is everywhere on the net. 8 megapixel model priced between the 20D and 1D mark II, with a 1.3 CROP SENSOR.

This is exactly what I think Canon will eventually do, even if it doesn't turn out to be the case now. Sell the heck out of 20D's and expensive EF-s lenses, then introduce a reduced price 1.3 crop body that cannot be used with EFS lenses, making people buy (or re-buy) EF lenses that work with it. It does seem too close to happen now, right on the heels of the 20D, meaning it'll probably still be too high for many (over $3,000). I'm sure some who've placed orders for a 20D & still won't have them for a couple of weeks or more might wish they had waited to see the real deal is with this one.
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Such a camera sounds great but priced at 3k it's just not going to be a possibility for me. Perhaps when such a beast comes down to the price of the 20D I'd go for it.

I have pre-ordered the 20D but I also am rethinking my lens choices. I might decide to stick with the EF lenses rather than go with the EF-s lenses.
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Two points.

That camera had better have some serious advantages beyond just a 1.3 crop factor to sell for 3K. That is getting into the price range of the "Pro" bodies... and those are a who different class of camera. Hum... I wonder if they'd add eye tracking for focus points?

If they were to delay the anouncement to keep the focus on the 20D, maybe they'll wait until PMA2004? Isn't that in... Feburary?

EF-S lenses are over priced for what you get, but they are cheaper than the EF wide angle lenses. So the end result is that you sell them along with the camera body when you upgrade. It could be worse, but you'll still take a bath on it.

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At $3,000 it's too much for me to, but remember what $3,000 bought you just over 2 years ago? A 3 megapixel D30.

If, 2 years from now, a 1.3 digital SLR is in the $1,500 price range I'd be kicking myself over and over if I invested heavily in EF-s lenses. With $1,300 already invested in 17-40 and 70-200 "L" lenses I won't be looking to get anything else anytime soon in those two ranges.

The 10D I bought not too long ago will be very useful still two years down the road- it's basically a very close digital version of the Elan 7 with a slightly lower framing rate, and that ain't bad. If it were a film camera there'd be no question I'd be using it well beyond two years, and two years just isn't that long when you look back to the D30. By then I would be looking at truly "upgrading" bodies.
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If I were going to spend 3k on a amature body, I'd probably rather go 4k and get the Pro class1d-mkII body.

Too close in price, and I was never fond of the eye control gimic.

The 20d and the 1d-mkII are already too close in features, 20D is capable ofa fairly high frame rate and 1.6 crop, 1d-mkII has aneven higher frame rate and 1.3 crop with a hardened & sealedprobody.

If there is another body to be replaced my guess would be on the 1Ds, it has been around for a long time and is getting quite old now.
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