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I am currently looking at the 300D, 10D and Nikon D70. My question has to do with the fact Canon uses the flash for a focus assist. My thought is that firing the flash all the time is annoying. Does anyone that owns either unit have any thoughts? Do you typically shoot without that feature turned on? Thanks for the input in advance. Always better to talk with an already owner before buying!
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I turn that feature right off from my 10D - Don't need it!

With an external flash it will use the IR beam from the flash intead - I turn that off too... Didn't need it either other than bothering people and bring attention to yourself

-> About the only time where the focus assist is useful is when one aims at a featureless blank wall in total darkness. Most of the times the cameras AF can pick up on other details, you just need to find them to focus on before re-composing for the actual shot.
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The DRebel will use the flash for focusing if the light is low enough and if the flash is up. I used this recently for a low light 10sec exposureof my son sleeping. I raised the flash and focused, then lowered the flash and switched the lensto manual focus so the camera wouldn't try to refocus.

This is the only kind of circumstance you would need the focus assist lamp. As NHL said you can usually obtain focus without extra light.

There are some annoying modes where the flash pops up suddenly whenever the camera thinks it ought to but I avoid those modes and "stay to the right of the green square".

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