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Hello all,

This is my first entry in this forum and I am in the market place to graduate from a Sony point and shoot to a digital slr. The digital rebel seems to be the obvious choice, based on the research I've done thus far.

My fear is that Murphy's Law will take place once I buy it and a new model will be announced. I've heard that the black version may be released in the US, but if its simply a color change, that doesn't really matter to me.

My question to you all is, has there been any leaks that a new rebel model is in the works or am I safe to buy now?

Thanks for any insight.
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A 300D replacement is said to be coming in "the new year". Canon has been very aggressive, so early in the new year might be a possibility.


Waiting for a couple of weeks would be a good idea esp. if you're not hung up on Canon -- one of the other manufacturers might have a good answer to the 300D at the end of the month in Photokina. Hopefully Canon will announce the 300D replacement at that time, and we can see better what the improvements would be then.

We only have rumours and guesses in the meanwhile. The rumours (with a decent track record) say that there will only be "incremental improvements" in the 300D replacement. I take that to mean that they won't raise the resolution to 8 MP. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess as to what that's supposed to mean. USB 2.0, faster CF card writing, improved flash (ETTL-II), improved focusing -- none of these are increases in resolution, but would make the users' experience better and be well-received. (Together with the thousands saying "I'm not going to upgrade from my 300D -- that's not that much better.)

If the 300D is a very rare purchase for you and you think that you'd regret not buying the latest & greatest (for the budget) in a couple of months, then a pause is well-advised, to the extent of waiting for the 300D replacement.

If you accept that digital will be improving for some time to come before leveling out, and that the 300D is a fine, usable camera (esp. given decent lenses and technique), then I'd still suggest waiting a couple of weeks to see what is announced, and then perhaps getting one-- there's a lot of shooting & enjoying of it that you could do in the next few months instead of waiting for a replacement.

Yet another consideration is the price -- there should be some old inventory clearance / price dropping when the new one is announced / available.
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The nice thing about high end products is that the latest and greatest is "just around the corner".
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Thanks for the information, Madwand. I can definitely wait a few weeks or so to see what's around the corner. If the improvements to the 300D aren't significant, then it might be the opportune time to pick up a current model at a cheap price.

I'd really like to see an improvement to the shots per second and more than 4 shots per burst.

The Konica Minolta Maxxum 7 digital looks like a possibility, but I'd guess it will be priced more in line with the Nikon D70, both of which are just out of grasp from a budget standpoint.

Again, thanks for the input and I'm sure we'll all revisit this once Photokina is over.
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