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does anyone know if the 18-55mm lens that comes w/ one of the 20d kits a USM version?
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The EF-S 18-55 comes in both USM and non USM, according to Canon press release. The kit lens is the same non USM version from the DRebel/300D originally
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Don't get too excited about the "USM" designation, as it ain't the same USM that's on the more expensive consumer and pro lenses. It's a micro USM, not ring USM, so no full time focusing abilities. In use there's very little difference in use between micro USM and non-USM. It's a great marketing tool for Canon, but that's about it. For the extra $100 it isn't worth it.

You can read about it here:

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Old Sep 22, 2004, 7:46 AM   #4
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It is a good "backup" lens but not too much more. It will give you nice shots with a little "tweaking" in PS.

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My advice. Stay away from this piece of Plastic. If you are looking for a low priced lens, then I would go with the Canon 28-105mm - the faster of the 2 they make. I think B&H has it for around $219.00.( Correct me if I am woring on that price)
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ok, thanks everyone

oh and one more opinion, how's the 17-85mm that comes w/ another one of the kits?

well around here i can't just goto a shop and buy that kit, i prolly have to buy it online or something
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(Why's this thread in the camera forum and no the lens forum?)

I am contradicting my earlier posts where I've recommended buying the kit lens in order to get a cheap ultrawide on a cropped DSLR, but complained about its performance in the same note. Now I can show that the 18-55's performance is much worse than the 50 1.8 II and that can be confirmed by anyone looking at the output unguided, but I'm not sure about making the same claim about the 18-55 vs. the 17-40 L at the wide angle.

Here's a thread that looks at these issues in more detail:


The gist of this message is that although the 18-55 is clearly inferior to the 17-40 L, the degree of inferiority is not as much as we'd hope for.

You can use this argument to try to believe that the 18-55 is a great lens or that the 17-40 L is a somewhat disappointing one. I think that the jury is still out on this one.

If you're willing to invest in small crop factor cameras and lenses for the long haul (or can afford to dump money for a short term gain), then the newer costlier EF-S lenses might be worthlooking at. A good wide angle is a hard problem; maybe Canon's had more luck with recent attempts. I have heard good remarks about the 17-85 (and it has a great range), but I haven't seen any results yet. But I'd really resist investing in the incompatible EF-S platform.

Alternatively, if you can afford to not worry about great wide angle performance, then the 18-55 is a clear candidate.
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