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photosbyvito Sep 22, 2004 2:16 PM

ok, i just started photography the December before the last one...

and, all i've worked with was a Canon Powershot G2..

so i don't know much at all when it comes to 35mm focal lengths and that sort of thing...

lately, i've been thinking alot, about upgrading...but, it's gonna take a couple months to save up for a dSLR and a couple lenses...

well, i looked a couple up, and found it will probably cost me around 2,000 dollars now, for the two lenses i want and the Drebel....

the two lenses i found, would be either the 12-24mm sigma or the 15-30mm sigma....

and then a 28-300mm sigma (i'm going with sigma because they are

the thing is, by the time it takes me to save 2,000 dollars, the rebel will be VERY obsolete...and likely they'll have a 30 or 40D! lol...

my questions are....

do you think the 20D will drop below 1,000 dollars by May?

and a tough one, lol

How "wide" is 12mm? i saw a 15mm fisheye, that was downright crazy...but then i've seen a couple of EricCAN's sunset shots, shot at 12mm...that just looked so "open"....

also, all three of those lenses (i think the 28-300mm does) has IF....which sounds great...cuz my dad has an old minolta 35mm, that when you focus, it zooms in and out a little....which would throw composition off (not a lot....but enough)

annd lol....would it be better to get the 12-24 with the 28-300 and miss the 4mm in between? or go with the 15-30 and not have "as wide" but overlap lenses...

btw... if you didn't already know, i'm 15...and don't have a "real" job yet...i just work with my dad a couple times a week, and, luckily for me...i have a birthday and Christmas coming up :)

Thanks a ton! i REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate your time!


gibsonpd3620 Sep 22, 2004 2:47 PM

The price of the 20D will not drop to the $1000 range by May. The 10d has only dropped to $1100 since the release of the 20D. I doubt if you will find it dropping much below $1000. I doubt if Canon will release a new version of the 20D in the near future.

NHL has provided a link in this forum or the Canon lens forum on glass ratings.

photosbyvito Sep 22, 2004 3:01 PM

hmm...that makes sense...should i consider the 10D instead of the 20D?

i mean, i REALLY can't afford to spend over 1,000 on the's already gonna take me 5-6 months to save up for the rebel (at the price it is now) and the two lenses...


gibsonpd3620 Sep 22, 2004 4:02 PM


The 10D should break the $1000 price range within the next few months fron online stores. You can look on Ebay for the 10D. Many used 10D are selling between $800 to $1000. Many are selling their 10D because they upgraded to 20D.

You can also check BH photo for their used equipment section.

photosbyvito Sep 22, 2004 4:12 PM

thanks gibson...

i checked the lens rating site that Eric was talking about..and it rated the Sigma 28-300mm as a 2.8 or something like that...below average...

now, it's cheaper, so that's probably why it's rated low...but would the quality be bad enough to find another one? and/or save up more money?

i like the zoom range of that's wat drew me to that one..


gibsonpd3620 Sep 22, 2004 4:53 PM

My son uses that lens with his digital rebel and it produces well. It is not real sharp at the 300mm end. The cost was one of the reasons that he went with this lens.

geoffs Sep 22, 2004 6:36 PM

Vito, it sounds like you are looking at the Sigma 28-300 lens as an all purpose walking around lens. Don't you think that it is going to be a bit bulky and heavy for that? It'd bother me to have to lug it around.

photosbyvito Sep 22, 2004 9:11 PM

i was thinking that too actually...but on have a picture and the specs there...

it's only 3 inches long (haha this may be showing my newbie-ness of lenses...)

when you zoom to 300, the inside part comes out? right? i guess that would get heavy....

btw....i PMed ericCAN about this...and he was telling me i should go with more of a 28-120, or something like that...cuz the 300 wouldn't be very sharp...

i'm thinking he's right, i'm not gonna be doing much wildlife, so i don't need anything too long...

of course, landscape photography could use long lenses too...but i'll get those later (in five years ;) )

well....thanks again for all your help! i really appreciate you guys taking the time to help me!


photosbyvito Sep 22, 2004 10:03 PM

ok, i've come to the conclusion..


there's no lenses listed on ""'s rating page....that will be rated higher than "average" that will be in my price range...

i've decided to get the 12-24mm......but that leaves about 200 dollars for the second lens...

there's a sigma 28-135mm lens that's 119.00...

that looks fine...i think it got an "average" or "below average" rating...but, that's becase it's the cheaper of the two sigma's at that focal length...

as long as it's not REALLY soft...i don't mind the "slow-ness" of it..being i'm gonna be shooting still objects almost all the time (i don't like shooting people ;) )

well, thanks for your patience....if i'm wrong about anything in this post ;) feel free to correct me...


eric s Sep 22, 2004 10:17 PM

For landscape work, the focal length you're listing should be fine. I've got the 17-40 (out of your price range) and the 17mm after the 1.6x is wide enough to get decent buildings and trees type of shots. Would it work for landscapes? If they weren't that close (sunset) yes. But if you really wanted something big and grand and sweeping... you'll probably have to stitch multiple shots together.

I don't know how the Sigma 28-135 compares in size & weight to the Canon but the Canon is a nice walk around lens. Decent size and weight, good for catching that expression on the face of the birthday boy (at the 135 end) and 28 isn't bad for the group shot. but it wasn't wide enough for fall trees in color (so I got the other lens.)

I think that you'd appreciate the 10D's flexability more than the DRebel. I would look more towards a used 10D. I'm surprised the used 10D's price is that high... makes me think "buy a 20D for $500? Sounds like a steal!"


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