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JohnG wrote:
Actually now is a pretty good time to buy a new memory card - a 1 Gig Ultra II is going for around $100 now.

Old and slow :-)http://www.steves-digicams.com/pr/sa...treme3_pr.html

The amazing thing about that press release was that the list price for a 1GB card is now $140.

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Very nice--I used to be able to somewhat keep up with technology. With 2 small boys, I consider myself to be high tech b/c I have cable internet access! Def. in my price range, though...thanks for posting.

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Just look out for the speed of the CF card. I use 2x512 Kingston x40 on my 300d, when i fill the buffer up it takes about 3 seconds to clear and shoot another burst again.
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If you consider getting a Lexar 80x card (it doesn't look like you are) you should be careful.

Not because they are "bad" (lexar quality is very high) but instead its because they are coming out with a "second edition" version of the 80x card which is much faster. It complete very favorably with the SanDisk Ultra line of cards. Read more about it on Rob Galbraith's site:

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Ya' might just slow down a bit and learn how to anticipate the action. It does take a bit of self discipline and study. Learn how to track the action, anticipate point of critical moment. It will make you a much better shooter. Difference between a rifle and a scatter gun.
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Try to get into the habit of half depressing the shutter to engage AF, before taking the shot. That might help with the shutter lag. Faster CF cards might help the write delay, but shutter lag won't be fixed with a faster card.
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