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OK. On the number of Images. If I have either of my 3 - 512's & my camera is set at Large Jpeg, I get 157 images - at ISO 100, TV Mode. As the others said, once you change the ISO settings, you get less images. When I first got my 300D last September, I asked a friend who has a 10D how many images he got on his 10D at the same setting, & he said about 200. I e-mailed afriend who is a Canon tech-rep & aked him what was up, & he said the 300D gets less images than a 10D because of more suppression.

So, here is what I get:

1-GB - 314 , 512- 157 & a 256 (had a spare from my Minolta S404 days)-78

I just picked up a Sandisk 1GB regular for $79.00 from pcmall.com
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All I had time for last night was a quick look at my folders full of RAW files, and sure enough they are all diferent sizes, from 5.1Mb to 6.3Mb. And those are the .CRW files themselves. When I first started with this camera I was taking the same kind of flower pictures at the same time of day and the .CRW files were always 5.2Mb, so I thought they would _always_ be 5.2Mb. I guess not.

So obviously the file sizes change even when shooting in RAW, which may explain the card capacity estimate differences I was seeing. I still want to do some experimenting to see if I can replicate the 90 to 81 to 73 sequence I've seen...

Thanks for all the help!

- ThomasH

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