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Hello, I am looking for a camera bag for my 20D with2-3 lenses but that also carries a tripod. I do a lot of hiking so I want to staywith the backpackstyle. I cant seem to find any that I could even rig up to hold a tripod? Any suggestions?

Thank You
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I bought 1 for my 20D.

It is a lowepro model COMPUTREKKER AW can carry 4 to 6 lenses and there is a place for the tripod and its a backsac.In my case I have a canon 100-400 L , 17-85,

100 macro and I still have alot of room.


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If it's for hiking, you might like to consider bags with a separate compartment from the camera gear to hold like a hydration pack. I find the ones with space for a laptop is ideal for a Camelbak bladder.
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Old Oct 1, 2004, 11:55 PM   #4
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I have a Lowepro Orion AW and love it! It is a convertible shoulder/waist bag and backpack, it holds my 10D, Sigma 24-135, 100 macro, 80-400 OS, and my itty bitty Canon 50 1.8 along with my 500 DG Super, batteries, cleaning supplies, and chargers! Definitely worth checking out.

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Old Oct 2, 2004, 3:43 AM   #5
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I use a Crumpler Formal Lounge backpack. It fits a laptop,50-500mm,70-200mm,18-55mm and camera body. You can also strap a tripod of mono to the side if needed. Its very well padded out and ive been out in all sorts of weathers and never had any problems with it.
It looks just like a normal backpack and dosnt advertise that your carrying lots of valuable equipment.

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Old Oct 2, 2004, 4:03 AM   #6
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I have nearly purchased a backpack style camera bag several times but I always end up thinking about the other things I might carry - food, water, clothing, etc. So far I use the Lowepro Nova 1 AW which fits nicely inside my real backpack along with the other stuff. I put the lenses, flash and other accessories in there. I put the camera (DRebel) with walk-around lens (28-135IS) in a Lowepro Topload Zoom (perfect fit) with cards and batteries. I carry the topload either in or out of the pack depending on my mood. My camera has no neck strap, only a wrist strap, it is either in my hand or in the topload bag. Quick access, good protection. This works fine for me but I always like to hear how others work it. It seems there are as many ways to carry gear as there are photographers.

Those Orion trekkers look interesting, I've never seen one in person. How accessable is the bottom compartment while you are wearing it? Can you just spin it around on your waist without taking it off? (the photo gear is in the bottom, right?) If one ever sits down suddenly (read: slip on a muddy trail) the impact is at the bottom of the pack (as well as the bottom of the hiker). I like to read more about everyone else's solutions.

Also not hard to secure a tripod to a backpack. You can use two quick release straps, or one strap and a pocket. Some packs have a pocket down low, you put the legs in there and secure the top with a strap. On a normal pack this would be for a fishing rod I think but it works for a tripod as long as the pocket is large enough for all three legs.

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Old Oct 3, 2004, 12:48 AM   #7
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Yes with the Orion you don't have to remove it to acess... the connection to the top half of the bag is quick release, so just pop it, spin around and you have your gear. As far as impact, well I have never fallen on my behind/bag while carrying it like that.

Also I forgot to mention that the Orion AW has tripod straps on the bottom of the bag!

Hope that helps

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Old Oct 10, 2004, 7:20 PM   #8
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For hiking I use a Lowe S&F Rover AW.

B&H had these in the clearance area of their website - you get the bag, the belt and the shoulder harness/vest. It carries my dRebel (or Elan 7 with battery pack), a 70-210f2.8 lens with 1.4xTC, 100mm macro, 28-105 and filters with ease and still gives me a second compartment for a sweater/lunch etc. It is a modular system - to be honest I just wanted the vest & belt, the pack was a bonus.

It also has tie downs for a tripod, it fits everything. Which is a problem because everything weighs a lot!

I also have a Lowpro toploader 75AW which I don't find useful. The chest harness style is too odd for me and the camera with 70-210 lens is too big for a belt.

If I'm not too far from the car I just put my tripod on a shoulder strap and use regular shoulder bag on the opposite shoulder.
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