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Friday afternoon I picked up my 20D. After the usual excitement of unpacking/assembling/charging, I put on my Canon 28/135 IS. I pointed out the back door and banged off a few shots.

First thing I noticed was the very quick Auto focus response, compared to the 300D (my reference camera). There is a definite increased sound of the mirror actuating. It is much louder than my 300D. I kinda like it.

Sunday we visited a local zoo. My wife had appropriated (grabbed) the 300D and declared it as her new camera!!. She is moving up from a Kodak 6490, and that is a whole new series of stories !!

The slightly different arrangement of controls does require some rethinking of what and how to do to get results. This is to be expected. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

My first criticism is the dimness of the camera information in the viewfinder. It is noticeably smaller and dimmer than the 300D. On the other hand, the AF point(s) are very bright (brighter than the 300D).

I shot a burst of a Camel walking around. I was standing behind my wife and really watching her with the 300D. She was like a kid in a candy store, so I got a little distracted. The rapid action of the burst is VERY impressive.

I have the 'shut off' set for 2 minutes and intentionally let it shut off. I am used to the 3-4 second delay of the 300D, so when I touched the shutter button I was amazed at the virtually instant response of the 20D. This will definately be an advantage at my horse show shoots.

With the 'pistol grip' installed, it is not a light camera to carry around for 3 hours. On the other hand, it really has a 'solid' feel over all. Fit and finish of the unit is as good or better than I expected.

The shutter response is so quick that I have to relearn the timing. I got several 2-3 shot bursts unintentionally. When it is supplied with enough light and shorter shutter speeds, it is equivelent the old motor drives of film cameras.

Picture quality is visually and noticeably better than the 300D. Whatever Canon did, they did it right. I took a total of 225 shots with no malfunctions that I could notice.

As I mentioned before, the controls take some getting used to, a few things are changed that have to be learned. The LCD does its job as a reference viewer. The histogram and thumbnail are equal to the 300D.

I will continue this on another post.

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