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Then probably for my comfort and not instant satisfaction i might go back to film for my action shots! The Digital Rebel can't compete with my Elan 7e. But, i might consider the 20D in the next year.
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Your decision - But certainly a thought provoking question.

I feel that the photograph is in you FIRST, then the camera.
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Hi guys,
For most people, me included, a 1d mk II or better would be a waste. The main feature that would be of use to me is the better weather proofing. I agree with many of those on the board that as long as a camera suits your shooting style, and doesn't get in the way of the shots you should be able to get there is little need to upgrade.
After 3 years i did replace my venerable s10 with a 10d. But primarily for raw and color management. I am barely tempted at all to get a 20d. It looks like it is a good'n but i have a camera i am used to and works very well. My feeling is that you don't buy a camera you rent or borrow a camera. The camera fills the other half of the photo, and i haven't really ever gotten good results from a camera i felt could easily at the drop of hat be replaced. I know that at this point it is probably a cliche, but my camera really is my girlfriend( and yes we do sometimes argue ).:lol:
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i shoot but my friends don't understand its artistic concept most of the time,which is fine. they're for me and not for them.
i shoot anything thats moody to me, friends, weather, environment, etc... i do it so when i look at it i remember the feeling i had that moment.

as for the technical aspect of it. i just took an advanced photography class. we did some weddings and product shoots and portraits in studio. we had a 3 category contest and captured two awards out of three. not bad, i think considering my camera is a canon G5 and theirs were much more expensive. so its really all about creativity and feeling. the camera is just a tool to better let me bring that mood to my picture.
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I agree with the general feeling of this thread, in that the interest and creativity are in the photographer, not necessarliy the camera. However, the camera does play a big part.

The other day, I was tasked with a promotion photo op, (I'm a military photographer) and I didn't know until a few minutes beforehand and my Digital Rebel was in my car, so the unit gaveme a Sony V1 I think it was, and I was extremely disappointed. For these events numerous photos have to be taken in a short amount of time when the presenter is ready, not the photographer, so I ended up making everyone wait for the camera to write the previous 3 or 4 photos before I could take the key shot.

Sometimes you are limited by the equipment on things like speed and zoom, but when the photo comes out, sometimes you can't tell the difference, it's up to the photographer.
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