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Does anyone have some comparison data on which is faster? Which is better?
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Shooting full resolution JPEG's, the D100 clocks at around 2.88 frames per second for 4 to 6 frames until the buffer fills for large/fine files (although one reviewer clocked 7 frames before a slowdown with both large/normal and large/fine JPEG's). Then, it slowed down. The difference between reviewers is that one was using a typical target, and the other was using a target that was designed not to compress as well (so it would have larger file sizes, since more detailed files don't compress as well).

The EOS-20D clocked at around 4.8 frames per second for 19 frames with a target designed not to compress well before it slows down. Although, it's rated at 23 (which is probably more typical for most scenes).

BTW, the D70 actually tests a bit better than the D100 at around 2.92 frames per second,has a larger buffer (from around 9 to 12 frames shooting large/fine JPEG images)and a faster interface to media (so the buffer clears faster). Interestingly, the D70will actually keep up frame rates of greater than 2 frames per second, even after the buffer fills up, with a fast CompactFlash card.

In comparison, even the EOS-20D slows down to less than 1 frame/second after it's buffer is full.

So, the D70 is the champ for write times to media, by a long ways (but the EOS-20D has a faster frame rate until it's buffer is full, and a deeper buffer).

Nikon's next offering should be interesting (a D100 replacement seems overdue). :-)

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