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Well I bit the bullet and bought the Canon EOS300D on the weekend (well, its on 10 day trial at the moment). As part of the deal I also got the EF 55-200 lens as well as the standard kit lens.

My question is how should I be storing the camera and lenses ? I am new to SLR (and therefore interchangeable lenses) and am unsure if I should remove the lense from the body when I pack the camera away for the night, or if it is better to keep one of the two lenses attached.

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IMO, it is better to leave your primary lense attached. Every time you remove a lense you increase the chance of getting dust in the camera. As long as the camera and lense are properly supported by your camera bag there should be no undue strain. Also your camera is then ready to pick up and shoot as soon as you need it.
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I agree, I got my 300D with the 90-300 lens thrown in the deal. Last weekend I purchased a new large firm camera bag that is big enough to take the camera with the 300 lens attached. I rarely take the 300 off the camera as Ive been shooting mainly birds lately.
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I found Cannons Digital SLR bag at Bestbuy for $70. And it comes with a UV filter and a spare battery for the 300D So for the price of the battery, you get a bag and filter with it. And the bag is a great size for this camera as well. I am able to hold one other lens and my 550ex flash in it. Along with 2 spare batterys for the camera and several sets for the flash. Some cleaning equipment, manuals, and a soft box.
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My advice is to get a Lowepro Nova 2 AW. They can be had for about $50. The build quality is outstanding, and it will comfortably hold your 300D with lens attached, an extra lens, external flash (if/when you get one) and chargers/cables/mem cards.


I am currently using an Orion AW, and I just can't speak well enough of Lowepro's gear.

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