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:idea: You can momentarily flip the AF/M on the lens to manual...

-> this will switch the camera to centerweighted instead of evaluative for a better flash metering. Another alternative to FEC
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My old Canon EOS A2E film camera had auto flash reduction that was defeatable with a custom function. I see that the Canon EOS 10D also had this feature in custom function #14. But my new 20D doesn't seem to have the option to turn it off. My question is, is the camera using auto flash reduction, or FEC, at any time? Or do you just have to dial in your own FEC when you see fit? Thanks!

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:sad:I'm having the same problem on my 20D with the internal or an external Sigma E-TTL-II capable flash. 90% of my indoor pictures are too dark. I don't think Canon has E-TTL-II quite right yet. It certainly doesn't live up to its description. I've been able to salvage a lot of pictures in Photoshop, but you can only do so much when the data isn't there to begin with.
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As with the other posters:

1. What mode were you shooting in?

2. What were ISO, aperture and shutter speeds?

3. What metering mode?

Try the following:

ISO 400, Manual mode with Aperture 5.6, shutter speed 1/60, center weighted metering and post the results.

ALL - I owned a 300D and a couple months back bought a 20D and I will say the 20D does a significantly more predictable job at flash exposures - I get much more consistant results doing the same thing (except with the 300D I had to use FEL to force my metering). I'd say 90% of my flash shots with the 20D and external Sigma 500 DG Super are now exposed 'within acceptable tolerances' - which is to say I may adjust my shadows to bring out more background but my main subject is not blown or vastly underexposed. In general I have had the best results with the above settings - I find as I close the aperture down to say f8 - it is much trickier work to get a proper exposure - and a aperture of 5.6 or 6.3 seems to be closed down enough to keep subjects in focus.

Here is some flash work from a very dark club shot a few weekends ago:


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