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nyblue Oct 31, 2004 9:32 PM

Within the next month or so I should be buying 1- Canon 20D Kit, Sigma 70-200mm EX APO HSM, Sigma 1.4 X EX APO Tele-Converter, two 1GB Lexar or Sandisk ‘fast' compact flash cards. My question is where can I find good prices and still deal with a store that is honest? I would like suggestions on stores that you have dealt with and felt you got what you paid for (product you ordered, USA Warranty, customer service, etc…) and would deal with again. Could you also tell me how the following stores are: B&H PHOTO-VIDEO, ADORAMA, 17[suP]TH[/suP] STREET PHOTO. Thanks for your time. :D

P.S. Anyone buy/receive Photoshop Elements 3 yet; how do you like it? Once again, thanks.

photosbyvito Oct 31, 2004 10:27 PM

well...i can't answer all your questions...but i can tell you

you can trust B&H Photo Video...

lol, i actually want the answer to some of your questions too! ;)


nyblue Oct 31, 2004 11:46 PM

Thanks Vito

eric s Nov 1, 2004 12:02 AM

B&H would be my first choice.
I've heard mixed things on adorama. They don't scam you like some stores selling camera gear do. But I've heard that some people have a hard time dealing with them for post-sales support (returning defective items.)

For more general stuff, has a great reputation and good prices. They won't have the camera and lenses, but they'll have the CF cards.


JohnG Nov 1, 2004 6:39 AM

I have ordered from B&H and 17th Photo and both have been great. I will say I tried adorama (sort of ) a few weeks ago. I was going to order on line and their site had the item I wanted listed as in stock when I called to verify it was, the guy said it was on order and 'would be in in a few days'. I promptly went with another company. Sorry, but that's a pet peeve with me - I don't like misleading info about stock and prices. It's a minor thing, but just thought I'd pass it on.

choeschen Nov 1, 2004 9:10 AM

I ordered most of my camera equipment from CDW. Since the company I work though does a lot of business though them I was able to get a good price from our account manager.

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