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Thanks mf_blues went out and bought another 300d today so you will most probably be seeing many questions popping up. I am going to Paris next week so I hopeI have a better idea then,thanI have now. How did you find the instruction book that came with the box? is their any web sites which will give you more of a chance.

Thanks again for the reply.:?
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I don't think the manual is great for learning about photography, it does however give you all the info you need to use the camera. There is a site which gives good info on flash photography with any EOS camera. Can't remember the link at the mo, will do a search and come back to you.



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Here goes


Also check out the articles on the above site.

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Some Digital Rebel users report that setting FEC via software helps with underexposure using Flash, if you're getting consistently underexposed photos with flash (and you're sure you are within the rated flash range):


As far as Depth of Field, as NLH mentioned, using a smaller aperture (higher f/stop number) can increase it (although using a smaller aperture indoors will alsolower your flash range, so you'll need to balance your settings for best results). Here is a handy online calculator that can give you a better idea how focus distance, aperture and focal length impact depth of field:


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